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Communication support

A man showing two women and another man how to use a computer program.

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We provide excellent communication support based on your communication needs.  

If you are a deaf individual or employer looking to book communication support, we can help you select the most suitable type of communication professional and show you how to book communication support with us.

If you are concerned about how to fund communication support, we also offer free advice on the government funded Access to Work scheme for deaf individuals and employers.

A man using British Sign Language (BSL) to communicate with another man and woman in a meeting.

I am a deaf person looking for support

We provide a wide range of communication support to help people who are deaf access public services, work-related meetings, training and events.
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A man and two women communicating in British Sign Language (BSL).

I am an employer or service provider looking for communication support

As a service provider or employer, you have a responsibility to ensure you offer equal access and opportunity to your staff and employees. Find out how to book communication support.
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A meeting in a workplace with a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter.

Book communication support

Booking communication support with Action on Hearing Loss is easy! Contact us and we’ll help you through the simple process.
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Student using electronic notetaker in a university lecture.

Types of communication support you can book with us

If you are an individual or employer, it’s vital that you select the most suitable communication professional. Find out how we can help you select the right type of communication professional.
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A public speaker with a Speech to Text reporter.

Are you interested in training as a communication professional?

Want to train as a speech to text reporter (STTR), lipspeaker or electronic notetaker? This section will provide you with further information on how you can train and who with.
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International Organisation for Standardization (ISO).

Our quality standards

We want to see a world where people who are deaf have access to a choice of communication services – and that they are good quality, affordable and tailored to their specific needs.
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