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Care and support for you

Gary, one of our service users enjoying playing his guitar

Feeling good

We can help you to manage anxieties, stress, mental health or other issues that may be having an effect on your overall wellbeing.
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Rhys, one of our service users.


Independence is about being able to do things for yourself, making your own choices and living a fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle.
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Darren, one of your service users who we have helped with financial advice


Managing your money can be a challenge. You might struggle to keep track of your spending or find bills and benefits confusing.
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Andrew, one of our service users forming relationships


Whether they are with friends, family or a partner, close relationships are an important part of everyone’s life.
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Christopher who lives in one of our residential care homes riding on the bus

Safety and respect

Everyone is equal and should be treated fairly – you should always feel respected, safe and secure in all aspects of your life.
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Ian’s person centred thinking tool called ‘Presence to Contribution’.

Activities and involvement

Involvement is about feeling included rather than isolated. It is also about being able to access whatever interests you and getting involved with what is going on in your local community.
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Sam, who lives in one of the Action on Hearing loss residential care homes sat in his car

Choice and control

We can also help if you need support to understand the choices available to you, and improve your confidence to choose between different options.
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Yvonne, who we have helped to get fit and healthy


Looking after yourself is very important, especially if you want to enjoy life as much as possible.
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