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L368 ZoomLink and Mylink package

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£659.99 (inc. VAT)
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4 out of 5
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Suitable for up to severe hearing loss Hearing aid compatible

Product Description

This wireless listening device is the perfect solution if your hearing aid needs a bit more help in certain noisy situations.

The ZoomLink Wireless Listening Device comes with a range of features allowing intelligible audio and enhanced speech amid high background noise, echoey buildings or conversing with a person from a distance.

This product is made by Phonak - the noted hearing aid manufacturers - so you can be assured of its high quality, both in sound and construction.

Have you noticed that in certain situations your hearing aids fails? Are you in large echoey buildings or are you speaking to someone in a noisy room?

The ZoomLink Wireless Listening Device works alongside your hearing aid to bring you enhanced speech and sound quality regardless of your environment when your hearing aid needs a little help. Simply wear your listening device around your neck where it will relay good quality audio back to your hearing aids.

Your ZoomLink has a range of functions and features - which include the following:

  • Large LCD screen – which allows you to see the FM channel as well as the battery status. 
  • Hidden antenna – the antenna is cleverly hidden in the lavaliere cord which can be worn around the neck. 
  • Digital multi-frequency channel setting – a simple-to-use function which allows the easy changing of FM frequency 
  • Fast power charger – lithium ion technology means the transmitters are fully charged in just two hours, with up to 12 hours consistent use from one charge. 
  • External microphone – direct audio input connection to the TV, MP3 players, stereo and PCs 
  • Operating range – up to 30 metres - ideal for outdoor activities, at work, out shopping or in the car

Part of this assistive FM listening device is the MyLink. This is the receiver that picks up the FM signal from the ZoomLink transmitter and sends it directly to your hearing aid on the T-Loop setting.

Alternatively, the ZoomLink can be placed near the source of sound. This means it can be used to enjoy television shows, or in meetings where it can be placed on the table for better quality communication.


Dimensions & Weight:
Dimensions: -
Weight: -

Functional Specification:

  • Wireless Listeners
    • Transmitter microphone type - combination
    • Operating range - 30 m
    • Choice of frequency channels - yes
    • Coded transmission for security - yes
    • Accessories available - yes
    • Rechargeable - yes
    • Group discussions - yes
    • Duration use after charging - 12 hours


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Do you have to Phonax Hearing Aids

This unit will work with any hearing aid with a T setting option.

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Is there a neck loop / ear hook option to this product?

The product comes supplied with a neck loop.


5 out of 5

Posted by Kenneth Nicholson, Glasgow on 10 January 2012

First class piece of equipment. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Major improver of life quality.

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