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      Times are changing....

      Getting up on time isn’t always easy but it’s even harder if you have trouble hearing the alarm. We have a range of alarm clocks that vibrate, flash and emit extra-loud sounds, to ensure you never oversleep again.

      We recommend the Bellman Pro alarm clock; it’s easy to use and packed with clever features:

      Extra loud alarm signal
      The Bellman Pro has a sounding alarm with a signal of up to 100dB. It gradually increases in volume, giving you have plenty of time to turn it off before others might be disturbed. It also sweeps through high and low tones so even if you have trouble hearing high frequencies for instance, you won’t miss it.

      Powerful bed shaker
      With the powerful bed shaker there’s no danger of oversleeping. Just place it under your pillow or mattress and it will wake you with strong vibrations when the alarm goes off. The bed shaker also emits a sound.

      High-intensity flashing lights

      Waking up to flashing lights is a great alternative or back-up to a sounding alarm. The alarm clock is equipped with four high-intensity LED flashes so it's effective even if you prefer to sleep with the lights on.

      Night-light beacon

      If you sometimes need to get up during the night you will find the soft blue night-light a handy feature. The gentle glow is bright enough to guide you back to bed, but not so bright that it hurts your eyes or wakes your partner.

      Battery back-up

      Have you ever overslept and discovered that the alarm clock stopped working due to a power failure? Now you no longer need to worry. The clock features a powerful battery back-up that will kick in if there’s a power cut during the night.

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