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       Sennheiser RS 5000

      As the UK’s largest charity for people confronting deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss, we want to make you aware of the latest equipment that’s improving lives. With over 450 practical products to choose from, we have everything that you and your loved ones need to live life to the full. Each week we offer one of our most popular products at a discount on the Action on Hearing Loss shop. And remember, every purchase helps fund our vital work.

      10% OFF theMagna 2005 amplified cordless phone with answer machine

      Are you frustrated about missing phone calls? Is it getting increasingly difficult to chat with friends and family on the phone? The Magna 2005 cordless phone combines an exceptionally loud receiver, ringer and speakerphone with a stylish design and built-in answer machine. It’s ideal if you have mild to severe hearing loss.

      Never miss another call

      This amplified phone has an extra-loud, flashing ringer (up to 90dB) so you’ll never miss another call.

      Catch every word

      Tune into every conversation using the adjustable tone control for clear sound and volume-boost button to instantly maximise the caller’s voice.

      Listen through your hearing aids

      The phone is hearing aid compatible so you can listen to calls directly through your hearing aids on the ‘T’ setting and block out unwanted background noise.

      No more misdialling

      Are you fed up with misdialling because the phone buttons are too fiddly? The Magna 2005 has a clear display, large buttons and three speed-dial options.

      Talk hands-free

      The speakerphone base allows you to answer calls and dial your three favourite numbers without having to retrieve the handset, perfect for hands-free conversations.

      Remotely access your messages

      The built-in answer machine has remote access so you can pick up messages when you're away from home, and it offers 30 minutes of recording time..

      Special offer - Now only £67.49 (inc VAT)

      Special offer ends on 6th May 2018.

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      All proceeds go to fund our vital work

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