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L370 Smartlink and Mylink Package

£599.99 (ex. VAT)
£719.99 (inc. VAT)
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3 out of 5
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Suitable for up to severe hearing loss Hearing aid compatible

Product Description

Do you need an assistive listening device for everyday living? Something that can help you enjoy your favourite TV programmes, answer mobile phone calls, listen to the radio, improve conversations with people? Need something that is comfortable to wear and won't get in the way of daily life?

The Smartlink Wireless Listening Device is a discreet, wireless personal listener which will improve sound, music and communication for the user every day. It is manufactured by Phonak - the hearing aid experts - so you can rest assured of the high quality of sound.

The Smartlink Wireless Listening Device is changing the lives of many sufferers of hearing loss. This model is one of the best personal assistive listening devices on the market with a range of functions and uses.

The range and uses of this device will make it a must-have item for everyday living. It comes with a "MyLink" receiver, this is an FM receiver which is built in to the wireless listener system. The user carries the neckloop which picks up the FM signal and relays it direct to your hearing aid(s) when on T-loop setting.  

The SmartLink system gives you added flexibility: 

  • Bluetooth capability - You can pair SmartLink with any Bluetooth capable mobile so it directly transmits telephone calls to your hearing aids. The LCD screen flashes to indicate an incoming call, press the green button to accept and you will hear the callers voice in your hearing aid(s). Simply press the red button to end the call. 
  • There are three microphone settings that improve sound clarity: Super zoom – allows you to focus the pickup of sounds in a narrow position in front of the transmitter. Zoom – this mode allows you to focus on the sounds in a specific direction. Omni – allows you to pick up on sounds all around (360°) around the transmitter. 
  • Smart connection to hearing aid(s) - Any external audio input or external microphone can be transmitted wirelessly via SmartLink. 
  • Key pad lock – prevents controls being pressed unnecessarily.

This wireless listening device has applications to almost everything:

Conversation amplifier - the Smartlink Wireless Listening Device can be used to help out in conversation. The transmitter can connect with your hearing aids, while the receiver is worn by the person you are talking to. 

Wireless headset - if you use the MyLink function and connect to headphones, the Smartlink Wireless Listening Device can turn in to a wireless headset and can be used by anyone with or without a hearing loss. This is ideal for tour guides or museum trips.

Hearing amplifier - Problems catching what people say in important meetings? Simply place the receiver by the sound source, or on the person who is talking. The voice or sound will be transmitted to the MyLink receiver which relays the signal to the T-loop on your hearing aid.

Music, radio and TV listener - simply plug the transmitter directly in to the TV, radio or music player and enjoy amplified sound via your hearing aids.

Mobile phone amplifier - The Smartlink Wireless Listening Device also offers integrated Bluetooth technology which can connect from hearing aids to smart phones.

It also includes three microphone options. The SmartLink offers the standard transmitter features: 

  • Large LCD screen – showing FM channel and battery status. 
  • Hidden antenna – the antenna is cleverly hidden in the lavaliere cord, which can be used to hang the transmitter around your neck. 
  • Digital multi-frequency channel setting – the transmitters feature an integrated digital multi-frequency synthesizer for easy change of FM frequency 
  • Power charger for faster charging – lithium ion technology means the transmitters are fully charged in just two hours, with up to 12 hours consistent use from one charge. 
  • External microphone – direct audio input connection to the TV, MP3 players, stereo and PCs 
  • Operating range – up to 30 metres - ideal for outdoor activities, at work, out shopping or in the car 



Dimensions & Weight:
Dimensions: -
Weight: -

Functional Specification:

  • Wireless Listeners
    • Transmitter microphone type - combination
    • Operating range - 30 m
    • Choice of frequency channels - yes
    • Coded transmission for security - yes
    • Accessories available - yes
    • Rechargeable - yes
    • Group discussions - yes
    • Duration use after charging - 12 hours


3 out of 5
 rather overpriced

Posted by Geoff Hewins

I have used this for quite a while and found the following:neck receiver very slim and discreet the battery last wellTransmitter battery lasts about a day. The zoom function is an optimistic term really all it does is reduce the bandwidth you will still pick up sounds in different directions in my opinion not worth paying the extra.The bluetooth function is fiddly and takes a while to answer the phone not really practical for busy person the audio level is less than that coming in through the microphone. I have had some problems where the receiver has lost the transmitter signal even when they are close together this may be just the one I have bought cant be sure.

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