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L389 Single ear hook 3.5mm jack

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Product Description

The Single Hearing Aid Earhook is an ideal partner to your hearing aid - and works as an excellent assistive listening device.

Using inductive pickup rather than your hearing aid's microphone, this Single Hearing Aid Earhook offers excellent sound quality.

This Single Hearing Aid Earhook is the ideal assistive listening device to use alongside your hearing aid. Simply hook it on your ear, make sure your hearing aid is on the T or loop setting and enjoy exceptional sound quality.

The Single Hearing Aid Earhook uses inductive pickup rather than the microphone on your hearing aid, helping to avoid background noise.

A single ear hook ideal for use with a hearing aid (with loop or 'T' function) enabling you to listen to your sound source directly using inductive pickup rather than the microphone on your hearing aid.

Dimensions & Weight:
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Functional Specification:

  • Ear hooks
    • Dumy - x


4 out of 5
 Dont seem to work with Galaxy S5?

Posted by Elizabeth on 10 January 2017

Received today, plugged into Galaxy S5 and nothing, thought perhaps my aids were not looped/T switch, phoned audiology, they said they were, so why am I getting nothing at all through the ear hook?, anyone know/can advise please?.

4 out of 5
 single ear hook

Posted by Corrin on 15 July 2014

This product is fantastic. I now feel like any other normal being wearing headphones or earphones! No need for clunky headphones that just don't sit right or the volume needs to be full blast for the aid to pick up! In fact you can have your sound way up high and noonee can hear it! Great for on the bus or listening at night. Only downfall is it can get caught in the aid\tubing so go easy when taking it off!!

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