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      9.Hearing loss indicators

      We use icons and indicators to show you certain important product information at a glance, this page explains what each icon means.

      To help you choose the right product for your level of hearing loss we have graded each product according to the following icons:

      Suitable for a mild hearing loss  Mild hearing loss. You have some difficulty following speech, mainly in noisy situations.

      Suitable for up to a moderate hearing loss  Up to moderate hearing loss. You have difficulty following speech without a hearing aid.

      Suitable for up to a severe hearing loss  Up to severe hearing loss. You rely a lot on lipreading, even with a hearing aid.

      Suitable for up to a profound hearing loss  Profound hearing loss. You are likely to rely on lipreading. BSL (British Sign Language) may be your first or preferred language.

      Is hearing aid compatible  Can be used with a hearing aid that uses a T setting and may also be appropriate for cochlea implants and bone anchored hearing aids.

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