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L388 Sennheiser 840S TV Listeners

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4 out of 5
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Hearing aid compatible

Product Description

Enjoy pleasant evenings in front of the telly with the whole family again with the Sennheiser 840S TV Listener Set. The 840S is a TV listening system with stereo sound. It is ideal for people with a hearing aid with a T setting. You can hear the TV at a volume that suits you without affecting the volume for anyone else. This is a TV listener with neckloop with long range of 100m which means you can listen to the TV or stereo while relaxing in the garden.

The Sennheiser 840S TV Listener Set enables you to hear the television or stereo at a volume that suits you without it being too loud for other people in the room.

The base unit connects to the TV and the amplified sound is wirelessly sent to the neckloop otherwise known as the tv listener neckloop, which you wear, like a necklace. The neckloop then sends the sound directly into your hearing aids, so long as you switch your hearing aids to the T setting.


Excellent sound quality

Directly connected to a TV, hi-fi system or radio, the cordless 840S provides outstanding sound quality which can be customised to your hearing loss using controls to adjust clarity and tone.  The sound is transmitted to the stethoset receiver by a radio signal.

Quieter sounds are heard as well as loud sounds by boosting the volume of quiet sounds and reducing the volume of loud sounds, if necessary.  Similarly the treble boost control can help further refine the higher frequencies in speech that you need to hear to help you listen to your favourite programme more easily.


Why you’ll love being able to hear through walls!

This wireless TV listener uses radio waves that can project the sound of your TV or stereo through solid objects (like walls) and into the stethoset or neckloop which you wear. Infrared TV listeners can’t do this. Why does this matter? Here are three quick examples of why it’s useful:

  1. You can connect it to your stereo and wirelessly listen to music in your garden.
  2. You can pop out to the kitchen during the adverts and hear when the programme is about to start again.
  3. If someone walks between you and the TV the sound won’t be disturbed (like it would be if you chose an infrared system which needs a clear line of sight).


Big, bold controls

The controls are large, so they're not fiddly to use and the system is very simple to set up.


Dimensions & Weight:
Dimensions: 11.2cm x 14.6cm x 5.8cm
Weight: -

Functional Specification:

  • Wireless Accessories
    • Rechargable - Yes
  • TV Listeners
    • Transmission type - wireless
    • Signal type - fm
    • Reciever Type - neckloop
    • Base unit powered - mains
    • Receiver power - battery
    • Transmission type - wireless
    • Signal type - fm
    • Reciever Type - neckloop
    • Base unit powered - mains
    • Receiver power - battery
  • Neckloop
    • Style of loop - neckloop
    • Safety release catch - yes
    • Wireless - yes


5 out of 5
 L388 Sennheiser Set 840S Neckloop TV Listener

Posted by James, DALKEITH on 26 May 2013

This is 200% better than Inferlight Swing, go to make a cup of tea you can still hear what they are saying From Jimbo

5 out of 5

Posted by Kathleen Brown, Lancaster on 29 January 2013

Once I'd set it up the sound was much clearer.

5 out of 5

Posted by Dr David Greenwood, Nether Wallop on 10 January 2013

High quality product performs best with hifi headphones - less so with loop.

4 out of 5

Posted by Mr John Tubman, Cardiff on 10 January 2013

It does what is claimed for it and I'm pleased. Thank you!

4 out of 5
 Sennheiser 840S (loop version with headphones)

Posted by DAVID on 16 October 2012

I have found this to be an excellent and very easy to use product capable of providing hi-fi 'concert quality' listening, e.g. to classical music, but only when used in conjunction with my own Bose 'over the ear' type hi-fi headphones. The accessory L333A 'on ear' headphones listed, though admittedly inexpensive, are inadequate for serious hi-fi applications; fitting poorly and uncomfortable for prolonged listening. The more expensive Sennheiser 'phones listed probably offer much superior performance and comfort. For regular TV listening, the 840S used in conjunction with the kneckloop (and hearing aids set to T ) also performs very well with respect to clarity and volume but I find the sound quality less pleasurable compared with the hi-fi headphone option referred to.

4 out of 5
 Christine's connection query

Posted by June on 18 June 2012

The base unit, of course, plugs into a mains socket !

4 out of 5
 Christine's connection query

Posted by June on 18 June 2012

I'm sure you've got the answer by now, Christine, from Rochdale but from the information online I gather the connection is 'wireless' !! Clever these Chinese !

4 out of 5
 Connection Query

Posted by Christine, Rochdale on 18 May 2012

I have looked at the description and the videos (note one link does not work and one has a spelling mistake) but nothing has answered my query. So this item is on my wish list untyil I get an answer! How does the base unit connect to the TV?

5 out of 5

Posted by Mrs K Carroll

The reception is excellent and the freedom to move around anywhere in the house is a bonus.

5 out of 5

Posted by Paul Jackson

Excellent! From package - instruction - operation.

4 out of 5

Posted by Rob Miles

Range 30-35m before breaking up - not 100m as claimed in catalogue. Equipment is far too fussy and over the top to self conscious to wear. But works well with neckloop.

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