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      Celebrating the royal birth

      To celebrate the royal birth, we’re shining the spotlight on our bestselling baby alarm. The Bellman Visit baby monitor is a must-have for parents, family members and babysitters who are deaf or have hearing loss. Enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing you’ll always be aware when your little prince or princess needs you.

      Never miss another cry

      The baby monitor detects the sound of crying and alerts you through your choice of receiver* – flashing light, extra-loud alarm or vibrating pad.

      Total peace of mind

      Due to the outstanding range – up to 250m – you’ll know as soon as your baby cries, even if you were asleep or are a few rooms away. Enjoy total peace of mind and a better night’s rest.

      Fully adaptable

      The baby alarm has three sensitivity settings to make sure it’s not triggered unnecessarily. An adjustable delay timer allows you to choose how long the monitor detects sound for before alerting you, which means you’re not disturbed by every gurgle.

      Safe and reliable

      The baby alarm is reliable even when it’s in close proximity to other Bellman Visit transmitters for people who are deaf or have hearing loss.

      Hear more than one child

      Your chosen receiver will be able to distinguish between up to four transmitters, so if you’re looking after several little ones, you’ll know who needs attention!

      Easy to use

      The baby alarm is fully portable and wireless. It can be wall-mounted (fixtures included) or placed on a level surface using the table stand supplied.

      *Please note: The Bellman Visit baby monitor is a transmitter and needs a receiver to work. It is compatible with any Bellman Visit receiver, so you can find the one that best meets your hearing needs.

      Buy now for £140.99 (inc VAT)

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      B1491 Bellman baby Cry monitor (white)

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