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      Silver Sonido

      Each month, we offer free delivery on one of our most popular assistive products. As the UK’s largest charity for people confronting deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss, we want to make you aware of the latest equipment that’s improving lives. With over 450 practical products in the Action on Hearing Loss shop, we’ve got life-changing solutions for every situation – at home, at work and on the go.  And remember, every purchase helps fund our vital work.


      FREE DELIVERY on the Sonido Silver conversation amplifier 

      Do you sometimes find conversations difficult to follow? If so, a conversation listener could be the answer. The Sonido helps you hear speech, TV and radio more clearly while reducing background noise. It’s recommended if you have mild, moderate or severe hearing loss and can be used with or without a hearing aid.

      "The Sonido has given me a step change improvement in my ability to take part in conversation, as large as the improvement in my general hearing when I first wore hearing aids. I am delighted."
      Peter Jackson
      L376Silver Silver Sonido

      Never miss another word

      The Sonido is ideal for following conversations, especially in loud social situations - it makes speech clearer by reducing background noise. 

      Tune in without disturbing others

      Enjoy your favourite activities without turning up the volume. The Sonido comes with an extra microphone on a 5m long lead that can be placed next to the TV, radio or MP3 player to help you hear more clearly. The sound is sent straight to your ears and cuts out background noise.

      Tailor your listening experience

      Personally tailor your listening experience with tone control that lets you adjust the bass and treble to your hearing loss. You can also set the volume at different levels for each ear. 

      Protect your hearing

      This clever device protects your hearing by automatically switching to a lower volume setting when it’s turned on. 

      Enjoy exceptional sound quality

      The Sonido uses the same technology as a digital hearing aid. It gives exceptional digital sound quality at the fraction of the price of other digital listeners.  

      Use with or without a hearing aid

      If you use a hearing aid, then you'll need a neckloop or earhook*. These plug into the Sonido and transfer the sound to your hearing aid when it's on the 'T' setting. If you don;t wear a hearing aid, you'll need headphones or a stethoset* to hear the amplified sound.

      *See 'Choose your listening option' below

      Choose your listening option

      The Sonido comes without a listening option, allowing you to choose the best one to suit your needs.  The following are available from the Action on Hearing Loss shop: neckloops, headphones, stethosets and ear hooks. 

      Easy to hold

      If you have trouble holding small things, the Sonido has an easy-grip coating and large soft-touch buttons. 

      Extended battery life

      For your convenience, it has 150 hours of battery life – almost double that of most other listeners. 

      Great value for money

      The Sonido is a great value conversation amplifier developed exclusively for Action on Hearing Loss. 

      Free delivery offer

      Buy now for £109.99 (inc VAT). 
      Free delivery offer ends on 30 April 2018 at midnight.

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      Get in touch for expert advice

      For impartial advice about any of our assistive products, or if you’d like to place an order by phone rather than online, please contact our Customer Services team:

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