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      Each month, we offer free delivery on one of our most popular assistive products. As the UK’s largest charity for people confronting deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss, we want to make you aware of the latest equipment that’s improving lives. With over 450 practical products in the Action on Hearing Loss shop, we’ve got life-changing solutions for every situation – at home, at work and on the go.  And remember, every purchase helps fund our vital work.


      FREE DELIVERY on the Honeywell Halo flashing doorbell

      Do you sometimes miss visitors or deliveries because you can’t hear the door? The Honeywell Halo doorbell will take the stress out of waiting for guests to arrive. This portable doorbell has an extra-loud chime and a flashing strobe light for when the doorbell can't be heard. With a wireless range of up to 200m, it carries well throughout the home and garden so you’ll always know when there’s someone at the door. The Honeywell Halo is the perfect choice for anyone with up to a severe hearing loss or profound deafness.

      My 98 year old aunt is fit as a fiddle and fiercely independent but now almost completely deaf and would often miss visitors and deliveries to her house. I bought her the one of these doorbells and she loves it, carries it around the house and garden, and because of the flashing light alert answers the door every time
      Joel Ide
      Honeywell Halo

      Never miss a visitor or delivery

      The doorbell has an extra-loud chime with a maximum volume of 90dB which is suitable for up to a severe hearing loss. Its bright, flashing light is for noisy environments, when sleep or mute mode is on and for those with profound deafness.

      Enjoy peace of mind

      Due to the outstanding range - 100m audible range and 200m wireless range - the doorbell will always work, wherever you place it. Plus you can link two doorbells together to extend the wireless range from 200m up to 400m.

      Relax free from disturbance

      Sleep mode silences the doorbell for 3, 6, 9 or 12 hours (or indefinitely) so you can relax free from disturbance. You can also mute the chime to avoid bothering other family members, which is particularly useful if you have babies or pets in the house.

      Superb sound quality

      The chime has digitally enhanced sound with an adjustable volume control and a choice of eight melodies.

      Flexible and adaptable

      The doorbell can be adapted with helpful accessories to alert you to the telephone, intercom or other doors around the house. It is portable so you can take it anywhere around the home and garden.

      Enhanced reliability

      If you use a hearing aid, then you'll need a neckloop or earhook*. These plug into the Sonido and transfer the sound to your hearing aid when it's on the 'T' setting. If you don;t wear a hearing aid, you'll need headphones or a stethoset* to hear the amplified sound.

      Easy to install and use

      The doorbell is pre-linked and ready to use straight from the box. The fixtures are included and there’s no wiring involved.

      Free delivery offer

      Buy now for £51.49 (inc VAT). 
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