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      Geemarc Amplidect 595 amplified cordless photophone

      Geemarc Amplidect 595 amplified cordless photophone

      £66.66 £79.99 (inc VAT)
      • Geemarc
      • Geemarc
      £66.66 £79.99 (inc VAT)
      Product Code T569
      Suitable for up to a severe hearing loss Is hearing aid compatible Is mains powered Is rechargeable using internal battery In Stock

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      Loud, hearing aid compatible and easy to use. The Amplidect 595 is a cordless photo-phone with an answer machine and great call features, without the fuss.

      Hate struggling with phone numbers or fiddly buttons? With one-touch photo dial buttons and large, talking number keys, the Amplidect 595 takes the stress out of chats with loved ones.

      Key benefits:

      • Handset volume increased by up to 50dB (with boost turned on)
      • Ringer volume of up to 80dB
      • Hearing aid compatible
      • Volume boost button, and handset tone control for tonal hearing loss
      • Amplified speakerphone with adjustable volume
      • 10 one-touch photo memory buttons and SOS emergency contact button
      • Answer machine with ability to leave personalised away messages for 10 photo-memory contacts
      • Talking Caller-ID, and dialling buttons

      Product details

      Modern technology can sometimes be fiddly, unintuitive or difficult to use. The Amplidect 595 is different. It’s been carefully designed to take the fuss out of phone calls so you can enjoy doing the things you love, like enjoying a cheery chat with those closest to you.

      It’s perfect if you value simplicity, or if you want to give the gift of faff-free communication to a loved one who’s less able to use a traditional cordless telephone.


      Extra handy features for ease of use
      The photo-dial buttons and 50-number phonebook are perfect if you love the joy of phone calls, but hate fiddly-buttons or scouring through your address book looking for phone numbers.  

      Alternatively, if you have a loved one who’s older or struggles with their memory, the photo-dial buttons are perfect for ensuring they can always get in touch with you. The talking dial buttons are also a handy way to give reassurance and help them dial out with confidence.

      Emergency SOS contact
      If you have an older loved one and you’re worried about them having a fall or accident, the emergency SOS feature here to help. Once the SOS button is pressed, the speakerphone will be turned on, and the phone will dial up to four designated ‘emergency’ contacts until someone answers.

      Accessibility features

      • Handset volume increased by up to 50dB
      • Ringer volume up to 80dB
      • Hearing aid compatible
      • Tone control
      • Amplified speakerphone (on base and handset)
      • Volume boost button

      Photo, memory, and dialling features

      • Ten one-touch photo memory buttons
      • Nine one-touch memories buttons (1-9 number keys) on the handset
        • The 1-9 number buttons can be replaced with photo dial buttons too
      • Option to record a name for each photo contact which will be played when they call you
      • Talking dialling function can read out numbers as you dial
      • Redial function to automatically redial any of the last 10 outgoing calls
      • 50-number phonebook
      • Access the phonebook with the press of a button on the handset
      • SOS emergency contact button, auto-dial up to four numbers

      Answerphone & Caller-ID
      Find out who’s calling you before you answer with the talking Caller-ID, and keep connected with loved ones whilst out and about with the easy-to-use answerphone feature.

      Play voicemail messages through the base or handset, record your own reminders

      • Storage for up to 59 messages and up to 25 minutes recording time
      • Play voicemail messages through phone base or handset, or access them remotely
      • Remote access with four-digit passcode
      • Pre-recorded voicemail greeting
      • Option to record your own greeting
      • Talking Caller-ID tells you who’s calling
      • Name and phone number display on handset
      • Indicator to show if it’s a new caller or someone you’ve spoken to before

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