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      BigTel 200 twin pack

      BigTel 200 twin pack

      £66.66 £79.99 (inc VAT)
      • T457 BigTel 200 twin pack
      T457 BigTel 200 twin pack
      • T457 BigTel 200 twin pack
      £66.66 £79.99 (inc VAT)
      Product Code T457
      Suitable for up to a severe hearing loss Out of Stock

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      A twin pack of loud amplified cordless telephones with great call features perfect for people with up to a severe hearing loss.

      The BigTel 200 has loud amplification, tone control and an amplified hands free speakerphone. There's also a backlit screen for Caller-ID and big buttons for easy dialling.

      Key Benefits:
      • Hearing aid compatible
      • Up to 117dB handset volume
      • Up to 80dB ringer volume
      • Tone control
      • Hands free speakerphone
      • Two direct dial one-touch memory buttons
      • Caller-ID compatible

      Product details

      The BigTel Twin Landline Phones for people with hearing loss is a budget friendly option for home phones that will deliver powerful volume and sound. We recommend this set for people suffering with severe hearing loss.

      Adjust the sound to suit your hearing loss
      The tone control function allows you to adjust the bass and treble of the caller’s voice. For example, if you find it difficult to hear people with a high pitched voice then you can use this feature to deepen their voice. You can of course adjust the volume too.

      There’s also a boost button which provides even more amplification if you’re finding a particular call difficult to hear.

      Cut out background noise
      This phone is hearing aid compatible so you can listen to the call directly through your hearing aid which blocks out unwanted background noise, making it much easier to hear the call. This is particularly helpful if your family tends to be a bit noisy while you’re on the phone.

      Keep your hands-free while you talk
      The amplified hands-free function allows you to speak and hear without holding the handset, leaving your hands free to write or type.
      The hands-free option enables you to hear and speak without holding the handset so you can write or type more easily while you're on the phone.

      Save money calling people back
      It’s a pain when you keep missing calls and have to spend money calling people back. This phone helps ensure you won’t miss any more calls because it has an amplified ringer. Also, having two phones is extra useful when you have hearing loss because you're more likely to be near the phone when it rings and therefore more likely to hear it and get to it in time.

      You can see who’s calling you
      The Caller ID function means you can see the number of the person calling you or even their name if you programme the number into the phonebook. You need to subscribe to Caller ID with your telephone line provider to use this service.
      This is extremely useful for avoiding unwanted calls like sales calls.

      Call friends and family at the touch of a button
      There are two speed-dial buttons so you can dial your most commonly called contacts at the press of a button.


      • Maximum handset volume of 117dB
      • Ringer volume of up to 76dB
      • Adjustable tone control
      • Boost button
      • Caller ID compatible
      • Hands-free operation
      • Adjustable base and handset ringer volume
      • Nine ringer melodies on handset and base
      • Bright white LED incoming call indicator
      • Large, bright, high contrast display
      • Large dial keys
      • Two direct dial buttons
      • Mute button
      • Recall and redial buttons
      • Alarm clock facility
      • Intercom/call transfer and conference call between handsets
      • Standby time up to 100 hours and continuous talk time of up to 11 hours
      • Telephone lead 1.8m
      • Mains power lead 1.8m
      • Operating range of up to 300m
      • 50 number phonebook

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