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      Doro PhoneEasy 100w telephone twin pack

      Doro PhoneEasy 100w telephone twin pack

      £54.17 £65.00 (inc VAT)
      • PhoneEasy 100w twin pack
      PhoneEasy 100w twin pack
      • PhoneEasy 100w twin pack
      £54.17 £65.00 (inc VAT)
      Product Code T438
      Suitable for up to a moderate hearing loss In Stock

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      A twin pack with two cordless amplified phone handsets and base units. Perfect for those with a mild to moderate hearing loss at a very reasonable price.

      The PhoneEasy 100w comes with large, clear buttons, and an easy-to-read, backlit display for caller ID.

      Key Benefits:
      • Hearing aid compatible
      • Up to 108dB handset volume
      • Up to 80dB ringer volume
      • Handset volume boost button with +10dB
      • Hands free speakerphone
      • Two direct dial one-touch memory buttons
      • Caller ID compatible

      Product details

      Have you had enough of going up and down the stairs every time someone rings? With this duo pack you can put an end to that, as well as making it easier to hear, by having one phone upstairs and one downstairs. The PhoneEasy 100w set gives you two phones that are hearing aid compatible, cordless and amplified. It is a well spaced big button phone, as well as a large text on the screen, to make it easier to see.

      This phone features volume control and a volume boost button for additional volume. When a call has been ended the volume boost feature automatically turns off, this is a very useful safety feature in a mixed hearing household because, it means that it is not possible when making or answering a call, to accidentally have it on plus boost and full volume.

      It also features a three setting tone control, which are natural, treble and bass. This allows you to change the pitch of the voice, to suit your particular hearing aid needs.

      It comes with 10 different ringtones and melodies and 5 different volume settings.


      • Handset loudness volume up to 108dB
      • 5 setting volume control
      • Boost button
      • 3 handset tone control settings (Natural, Bass & Treble)
      • Hearing aid compatible
      • 5 volume setting handset ringers, up to 70dB
      • Base ringer volume (off and 5 volume settings, up to 66db)
      • 10 Ringtones
      • 5 volume settings for the hands-free functions
      • Display contrast with white backlight
      • Text/font size: 11mm
      • Two direct dial buttons (M1 & M2)
      • Nine two-touch memories
      • 20 number phonebook
      • Priority call alert – you can select one phone number that rings differently from the rest when they call you.
      • Redial button showing your last 5 calls
      • Pre-dialing option
      • Paging button
      • Mute (outgoing speech)
      • Keypad lock
      • Low battery warning, symbol shown on display and audible warning tone available
      • Out of range warning
      • Call timer
      • Alarm clock facility
      • Up to 100 hours standby time
      • Up to 10 hours continuous talk time
      • Operating range up to 300m (outdoors), up to 50m (indoors)
      • Call transfer of external calls (when using several handsets)
      • Clock
      • Alarm
      • Button can make a sound when pressed
      • Comes with a 1 year warranty

      Please click here to download the product instruction manual.

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