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      Audacious SIM only packages

      Do you find it tricky to hear friends and family clearly on the phone? We’ve teamed up with Audacious – the UK’s first mobile phone company created for people with hearing loss.

      In conjunction with leading audiologists and those with hearing loss, they’ve developed world-first technology that personalises your mobile calls to suit your hearing needs. Simply take an online hearing test (Sound Check) and you’ll receive a SIM card loaded with your unique hearing profile.

      Audacious works exactly the same way as your current mobile service – minutes, texts, data and more – with clearer calls too. Their clever technology tailors calls to your exact hearing needs. Whenever you have a mobile call, the sound is adjusted to the frequency you hear at best. So it’s easier to hear the person you're talking to, every time.

      Switching is easy – you can keep your existing phone and number. Plus, it works with or without hearing aids. Nine out of 10 people who used the service experienced clearer mobile phone calls.

      How it works

      • Take their Sound Check (this builds your personal hearing profile)
      • Swap your SIM card
      • Start enjoying clearer calls.

      Key benefits

      • Clearer mobile calls anywhere, anytime
      • Keep your current phone number
      • Works with any mobile phone – no need to get a new one
      • Use with or without hearing aids
      • Compatible with all hearing aids
      • 30-day rolling contract with no tie-in
      • 30-day money-back guarantee.

      Three simple tariffs

      Enjoy everything you do with your current mobile service – minutes, texts, data and more – with clearer calls too. There are three tariffs to choose from, starting at just £14 a month.

      Ready to hear the difference?

      Visit Audacious