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T371 Mybelle 650 Hearing Aid Compatible Phone

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5 out of 5
Hearing loss:
Suitable for up to severe hearing loss Hearing aid compatible

Product Description

The Mybelle 650 Hearing Aid Compatible Phone for the Hard of Hearing gets more positive reviews than any other of its kind.  As an Amplified Corded Phone with its high handset, loud speakerphone volume, powerful ringer and excellent clarity, it is a firm favourite amongst our hearing impaired customers.

Fed up of asking people to repeat themselves over the phone? Tired of looking for the cordless handset you put down somewhere? Then this corded phone is for you


The Mybelle 650 Hearing Aid Compatible Corded Phone for the hard of hearing is our most popular Phone for People with Hearing Aids because the sound quality is excellent and loud enough for someone even with severe hearing loss. As you can see from the huge number of positive reviews, this amplified corded phone works fantastically well.


Adjust the sound to your hearing loss


Not only can you change the volume of this Mybelle phone, you can also adjust the tone of the caller’s voice to suit your hearing loss.  For example, if you have difficulty hearing people with high pitched voices you can lower their tone.


Hearing aid compatible telephone


The Mybelle 650 Telephone is a Hearing Aid Compatible Corded Phone so you can switch your hearing aid to the T setting and this will cut out background noise and make the conversation even clearer.


Make calls at the touch of a button


There are nine speed-dial buttons so you can call your nine most important and regular contacts at the touch of a button without hunting through your phone book. Each speed-dial button enables you to insert a small photo or name underneath so you can quickly see which button relates to which person in your directory.


Hands-free function


The hands-free function on this Corded Amplified Phone is very loud and clear and enables you to speak on the phone without holding the handset. This means you can write or type while chatting.




  • Maximum handset volume of 128dB
  • Maximum ringer volume of 84dB
  • Nine large picture (3.3cm x 2.3cm) dial buttons
  • Tone and incoming call volume control
  • Flashing light for incoming calls
  • Choice of low or high ring tone Extra loud ringer
  • Hands-free function
  • Last number redial
  • Recall button
  • Telephone lead 2m
  • Mains power lead 1.8m
  • REN Value = 1


Dimensions & Weight:
Dimensions: 85 x 190 x 230mm
Weight: None

Functional Specification:

  • Telephones
    • Redial - yes
    • Hearing aid compatible - yes
    • Incoming speech amplification - 128 dB
    • Tone control - yes
    • Outgoing speech amplification - no
    • Loud ringer - yes
    • Flashing light - yes
    • Speed-dial numbers - 9
    • Directory memory - 9
    • Hands-free - yes
    • Ringer Melodies - no
    • Answer machine - no
    • Caller ID - no
    • Big buttons - yes
    • REN Value - 1
    • Text facility - no
    • Ringer Loudness (max) - 84 dB


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Is there a socket for earphones?

The headphone socket is located on the right-hand side of the phone.

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Is handset amplification on this phone automatic or does it require pressing a button. I need a phone for my elderly mother who has a hearing aid and is very hard of hearing. She is only able to use a straightforward phone with no additional input but wit

The amplification can be set on this phone so that every time the handset is picked up you will receive the full amplification range without further adjustments.

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How many numbers will the phone store?

A maximum of nine direct numbers can be stored into the phone memory.

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I would like to add an answer phone to this model. Is this possible?

You can add an answering machine to run with the Mybelle 650 phone as long as you do not exceed the REN value of 4. On a domestic system this should work fine.

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Does this phone have caller ID?

Sorry but this phone does not have the caller ID facility on.

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can you tell me how loud the ringer is please? (decibels)

Between 95-100 dB - very loud!

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does this phone have an induction coil?

Yes built into the handset.

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Is this phone compatible with digital hearing aids?

Yes, this telephone can be used with digital hearing aids, you can choose whether to use the 'T' switch or not, both will work fine.

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Please advise REN value of Mybelle 650 telephone.

No problem, the REN value of this telephone is 1.


4 out of 5
 It's fine

Posted by Alex, BRIDGEND on 11 September 2014

I've had this phone for about 18 months. It's fine.

2 out of 5
 Good for a while

Posted by Colin on 22 July 2014

I have had the MyBelle 650 for 10 months and at first it was a revelation, i could hear the Ringer where ever i was in the house and i could actually hear and understand what the person on the other end said. No more passing the phone over to my wife for her to act as intermediary. If i had been writing this 3 months back i would have given it 5 stars. Unfortunately the good things came to an end all too quickly, by month 8 the ear piece of the handset was getting crackly and i was back to handing the phone to my wife. By the end of month 9 it was unusable even by my wife. This is purely on the ear piece because the people we were talking to said at their end our voices were perfectly clear. I had our phone line checked by BT who said the line was fine. As it is still under warranty i have sent it back to AOHL for repair/replacement. I have severe hearing loss and have to say that while it was still working properly it was easily the best phone i have ever had

4 out of 5
 Does what it says!

Posted by Jennifer on 08 November 2013

Very pleased with the hands free function. Good choice of loudness for ringer. This phone will be very useful and save some frustration with normal phones when trying to hear call centre staff speaking into head pieces. Will help my hard of hearing husband a lot.

4 out of 5
 Excellent !

Posted by Trevor, Thurston on 15 March 2013

With 40% hearing loss in both ears, I have been using a Geemark CL400 and more recently the Amplicom 50 with +60db. Both emitted a loud background buzz when amplification was used, to the extent that it really negated the benefit of the amplification. Following lengthy testing of the telephone point, answering machine, etc, I had to conclude that the phones were the culprits. I could hear only about 60% of what was said to me and was guessing the rest In despair, I decided to give just one more phone a try, and selected the Mybelle 650 based on the two reviews already delivered. As soon as I set it up and activated the Mybelle, it took me to a different hearing world where I no longer struggle to hear, or need to guess what has just been said. Pity it hasn't got caller display, but there are plenty of those available as an accessory so it isn't a big deficiency and is easily remedied. Oh joy ! I cannot praise the Mybelle 650 enough. Try it, and I'm sure you'll agree. Trevor, Suffolk

5 out of 5

Posted by Miss S Jades, Alcester on 10 January 2013

At LONG last I am not having to strain to hear and also not having to hold the receiver next to my ear means my hearing aid does not get knocked off.

5 out of 5

Posted by Mr N Robbins, Malvern on 10 January 2013

It was all I needed

5 out of 5

Posted by Mr Oliver Hitchen, Wilmslow on 10 January 2013

What a breakthrough. I actually told my son to turn down the ring volume! Years of missed calls ended. Thanks a million.

5 out of 5

Posted by Mrs J Fountain, Devon on 10 January 2013

I am finding the telephone very eaasy to use. It is a godsend.

5 out of 5

Posted by Mrs M Ley, Notts on 10 January 2013

What a delight to hear people speaking correctly. Such a change from weeping with frustration.

3 out of 5

Posted by Mrs Max Glaskin, Brighton on 10 January 2013

Delivery was delayed on the first model and it didn't work when it arrived. I returned it but didn't receive any confirmation it would be replaced. I had to make all the running.

5 out of 5

Posted by Mrs Sear, Herts on 10 January 2013

Seems to help my elderly deaf mother to get her life back being able to use the phone.

5 out of 5

Posted by Mrs Wendy Luckling, Bristol on 10 January 2013

Staff knowledgeable about products. Calls answered promptly with no long list of option - phew!

4 out of 5
 maybelle 650

Posted by Stanley, WAKEFIELD on 29 October 2012

I bought this phone on the strength of the reviews. I am a pensioner and, having a BT line, use 18185 as a prefix to save a considerable amount on my calls. However I find that to use the memory fuction with 18185 needs 16 numbers and this phone only accepts 15. That means that I am unable to save my 9 most used numbers and have to dial every one every time. That is out of the question. I have carefully checked the write up for this phone and the limitation of only 15 stored numbers is not mentioned anywhere. I wrote all the memory cards so they are now useless. I am faced with the trouble of finding ALL the wrapping and sending the phone back, through no fault of my own. IF they will accept it back with the cards spoiled

4 out of 5
 Large numbers on phones

Posted by Elizabeth, FARNBOROUGH on 10 April 2012

I agree with Mrs Ceely's comments. I also hate the large numbers on phones designed for the hard of hearing.

4 out of 5
 Excellent product

Posted by Catherine on 31 January 2012

I bought this telephone for my 97-year-old aunt, who has become too deaf to be able to use the telephone. It has been a great success and she now hears every word. She particularly likes the fact that she does not have to pick up the handset but can just push the button for hands-free use. She also likes the one touch photograph dialling.

4 out of 5

Posted by Mrs J Ceely, Paignton on 16 January 2012

Volume is excellent BUT I hate the large numbers. I have a hearing problem not sight problems. My husband bought this for me - it would not have been my choice.

5 out of 5

Posted by Brian Lewis, Bicester on 10 January 2012

A very good phone. Good volume control. I am very deaf but can hear easily with amplification on.

5 out of 5

Posted by Charles Morbey, Stafford on 10 January 2012

It was at my door Tuesday morning - a very quick service I must say. They are a very nice looking phone and perform very well with regards to volume and clearness of speech.

5 out of 5

Posted by D Sparrow, Milton Keynes on 10 January 2012

This product was ordered for me by my daughter who has completed this on my behalf.

5 out of 5

Posted by Diane Parmee, Southampton on 10 January 2012

Easy to set up and use. I bought it for my mum who is 90. The deteriation in her hearing meant she could no longer communicate over the phone. With the Mybelle she can now talk to people again and so is less isolated. My only recommendation would be a dig

5 out of 5

Posted by Donald Harsant, Isle of Wight on 10 January 2012

Due to medical problems have not had many opportunities to assess this phone but even with short experience I am sure it will fulfil my needs.

5 out of 5

Posted by Dorothy Sherlock, Chesterfield on 10 January 2012

I can't thank you enough - it is the best phone. It is a long time since I have been able to hear well. Thank you very much.

5 out of 5

Posted by Edith Lee, Exeter on 10 January 2012

I have been very impressed with the product so far and would recommend it to my friends.

5 out of 5

Posted by Eilleen Hill, Newbury on 10 January 2012

My sister Silvia is blind and deaf and as her sole carer I am entering numbers in the memory of folk she knows so in an emergency she can press any button and speak to somebody she knows to get help as she has learning difficulties.

4 out of 5

Posted by GC Bennett, Cardiff on 10 January 2012

So far so good. I hope it will help telecoms.

5 out of 5

Posted by GM Pring, Honiton on 10 January 2012

Your salesperson recommended this product. I was originally interested in another product. The phone meets my requirements.

5 out of 5

Posted by JD Andrew, Sheffield on 10 January 2012

I have replaced a Geemarc 1400 and am amazed at the difference in incoming volume. I am really pleased with it.

5 out of 5

Posted by JF Cotterill, Wolverhampton on 10 January 2012

Having to wear two hearing aids due to severe hearing loss I find this phone good. A very good product.

5 out of 5

Posted by Mary Vanheagan, Edinburgh on 10 January 2012

This item is a vast improvement compared to the model Converse 2300 previously used.

5 out of 5

Posted by Maureen Bedding, Colerne on 10 January 2012

I wear two hearing aids and am obviously very deaf. I sent for the Mybelle and can make my own calls with this phone without relying on my family.

5 out of 5

Posted by Noreen Tomlinson, Mansfield on 10 January 2012

This phone has made a tremendous difference to my life. I can now enjoy a conversation. Before I was struggling to hear the caller and it was a strain, not a pleasure. Thank you so much.

4 out of 5

Posted by Olive Stinton, Ludlow on 10 January 2012

Had the item about 3 weeks to a month getting use to it. I'm getting use to the sound, up to now I am managing fairly well.

4 out of 5

Posted by P Steele, Washington on 10 January 2012

Delighted with this phone. Being seriously deaf I have problems with ordinary phones even with amplifiers.

5 out of 5

Posted by Peggie Brown, Cardiff on 10 January 2012

Fantastic for me but also wonderful for my son David who has Down's syndrome

5 out of 5

Posted by Reginald Bennett, Rotherham on 10 January 2012

I can now use the phone where as I couldn't before

5 out of 5

Posted by Samuel Street, Andover on 10 January 2012

A very happy deaf old bunny

5 out of 5

Posted by WG Bryant, Swanage on 10 January 2012

Best phone ever had.

5 out of 5
 Exceeded our expectations

Posted by Carole on 12 August 2011

Brought this for my 77 year old mother who had continually struggled with the phone. She can now hear far clearer and doesn't need us to shout. It is also far easier for her to make calls to her family with the photo buttons. She doesn't have to look up in her phone book or remember the number.

5 out of 5
 Total Satisfaction

Posted by Michael on 03 July 2011

My 91 year-old Mother-in-Law suffers from age-related deafness and partial blindness. She has two digital hearing aids and could not hear properly using a handset. She is delighted with this product, which she uses easily to telephone Australia, and now wants to buy a telephone for her sister.

5 out of 5
 I now phone confidently

Posted by Donald Fukes

My wife saw an RNID leaflet at her dentists so she wrote to you asking for recommendation for buying a phone for me as I have 50% hearing in both ears. The result is marvellous - I now phone confidently.

5 out of 5

Posted by Anthony Woods

I have noise induced deafness - this phone suits my particular problem.

5 out of 5

Posted by Betty, Hazlemere

I found the phone to be very clear and easy to hear.

5 out of 5

Posted by C, Bracknell

Excellent. Easy to connect and in use immediately.

5 out of 5

Posted by Christopher Baker

The phone has made it possible for my mother - who is 93 and blind and disabled - to remain in her home. We have 4 phones strategically positioned and she is able to use the big buttoned programmed dialling buttons and hear with the powerful amplification.

5 out of 5

Posted by David, Aylesbury

I can use the phone for the first time in 4 years

4 out of 5

Posted by Delia, Alsager

Clear, good volume, easily adjusted. Simple to set up and use.

3 out of 5

Posted by Dennis, Wallington

I bought one for a 96 year old friend. The speaker / hands-free facility is brilliant for him as he does not have to adjust his hearing aids to use the phone. I have had to remove the handset and tape down the switch so he can only use it in handsfree mod

5 out of 5

Posted by Dennis

Brilliant!! Its for a bit comfused 96 year old in a nursing home. On the hands free mode he has had the first good conversation with his son in New York.

5 out of 5

Posted by Diane, Hednesford

Good value and the fact that it was given my mum as a means of communication with her friends and relatives again makes it priceless. She has 'come alive' again and is so pleased with the Mybelle 650. Thank you.

5 out of 5

Posted by Dorothy, London

Exactly what I wanted. So easy to set up even for me! Many essential features, particularly easy storage of numbers. Excellent value.

5 out of 5

Posted by E C, Plymouth

What a difference this phone has nade to me. I no longer miss calls. The ringer makes sure of that. I would recommend it to most people.

4 out of 5

Posted by Edna, Carlisle

The telephone was straightfoward to set up. The programming for the 9 one touch numbers was very easy. The ringtone and volume are excellent. Using the phone is easy.

5 out of 5

Posted by Florence Davy

I have at last found a phone I can hear on. I am very pleased with it, especially the hands-free facility which is even clearer.

5 out of 5

Posted by Irene Hunter

What a difference it has made for me. I couldn't make out what people were saying sometimes. I find it excellent and well worth the cost.

5 out of 5

Posted by J R, Exeter

I visited our local Soundbase and the staff were excellent. I recommend this telephone. It is a brilliant telephone for the deaf. Especially with the amplified & hands free. Congratulations!

5 out of 5

Posted by James, Kirkaldy

Found the incoming calls excellent and very clear. We have been struggling with the previous phone for years. Thank you.

5 out of 5

Posted by Janet, Shrewsbury

It is an enormous relief to no longer miss incoming calls and to be able to communicate without straining to hear or mishearing conversations. All the useful features make me feel very secure now and looing to the future.

5 out of 5

Posted by Joan, Torquay

I am so grateful for this phone invention. From the hearing point of view it is good and loud but also very much for the handsfree as my illness causes numb hands.

5 out of 5

Posted by John, Hove

Great- Really good value, every other phone I have used/got does not compare to the quality.

5 out of 5

Posted by John, Clyst St Mary

I have used this product before & found it to be excellent for my purpose. Its clear, very easy to use & makes life much easier. Very impressed with your service. I ordered this & received it within 72 hours

5 out of 5

Posted by Joy, Tamworth

Very easy to use & we are very pleased with it

3 out of 5

Posted by June Edmonds

Not as helpful as I'd hoped but not the fault of the phone, I don't think. It's beacause I have lost a lot of my hearing.

5 out of 5

Posted by Kenneth, Hucknall

Ticked all the boxes. My wife & I use handsfree all the time. Makes calls more sociable. The returns policy is much appreciated. We didn't make the right choice first time but this one is excellent.

5 out of 5

Posted by Lewis Hill

An excellent product. Pity there is no indication of 1571 calls.

5 out of 5

Posted by Lilian, Choppington

This product is excellent. I am very deaf and using hearing aids but couldn't manage on any other phone.

4 out of 5

Posted by Louise, Moortown

I am severely deaf and find this phone a great help. Its only drawback is that it's not cordless.

5 out of 5

Posted by M Burrows

I am delighted to be able to converse easily with this phone. I would like it to have a longer power adaptor cable.

5 out of 5

Posted by M K, South Shields

I have purchased two of these telephones for my elderly mother who is quite hard of hearing and they are excellent. They tick all the boxes for hearing clearly.

5 out of 5

Posted by Maloney, Manchester

Brilliant product I suffer severe hearing loss, will be ordering another phone for my bedroom.

5 out of 5

Posted by Mary, Carshalton

I am ninety three years old and I am delighted with this wonderful phone with it's superb handsfree facility and the amplification is as good as advertised.

5 out of 5

Posted by Maureen, Carlisle

This is proving very satisfactory for me. The hearing centre unit 2 chapel court Cecil street Carlisle were very helpful.

5 out of 5

Posted by McIntyre, Inverkeithins

Excellent. Great. Do not dread the phone ringing anymore- such a relief. Tone & volume are first rate.

5 out of 5

Posted by Michael May

Very good tone and amplification. Easy setting for photo dialling. Delivery excellent.

5 out of 5

Posted by Mr and Mrs Blake

Very good for hearing caller's voice - even long distance. The best phone we've ever had and so easy to use. Excellent ring volume.

4 out of 5

Posted by Mr B M, Barnburgh

For clarity and volume this is the phone I've been seeking for years. Looks a bit dated but will put up with that in view of its performance.

4 out of 5

Posted by Mr M Breeze

I think I will get used to it the more I use it. The big buttons are very much better for me.

5 out of 5

Posted by Mr Roberts

I bought this for my 90 year old mother in law. She has two digital hearing aids and could not hear properly using a handset. She is delighted with this product and is looking forward to phoning her friends.

5 out of 5

Posted by Mr W P, Plymouth

The phone is 100% better than any other phone I have bought, as I am partially sighted and deaf. I wear hearing aids in both ears.

5 out of 5

Posted by Mrs A Allott

Being able to amplify the sound along with the 'at a glance' picture system I find a great asset. Thank you.

5 out of 5

Posted by Mrs B C, Taunton

It has made it possible to telephone others and to hear and understand their speech. A great help to me. I can now talk to friends - particularly as I live on my own.

5 out of 5

Posted by Mrs E A, Topvally

I am very hard of hearing and could not hear with new digital hearing aid with my old phone. This new one is brilliant and I can hear it wherever I am in the house. Thank you I love the photo part.

5 out of 5

Posted by Mrs E M, Belfast

I am very satisfied particularly with the hands-free function which is excellent.

4 out of 5

Posted by Mrs G B, Buckingham

Very good. Easy to operate

4 out of 5

Posted by Mrs J Benvie

I am very pleased with my new phone and can now hear much better when I speak to people. Thank you.

5 out of 5

Posted by Mrs L Groves

First class. Able to hear clearly for the first time in ages. Thanks a lot.

5 out of 5

Posted by Mrs S McConney

Bought this phone for my elderly uncle who is severely deaf and was unable to hear from friends and relatives. This phone has changed his life completely. Many thanks.

3 out of 5

Posted by Mrs W G, Brightwell cum Sotwell

My telephone lasted only 2 1/2 years but I hope I was just unlucky to have a more faulty one. I have re-ordered a new model which is so easy to use and has all the features I need.

3 out of 5

Posted by Norman, Birmingham

The product was faulty. Exchanged no problem. New phone sent in 3 days and seems ok this time.

5 out of 5

Posted by P J, Aberuthven

Absolutely excellent. The best phone on the market for thehard of hearing. Improved my quality of life 100%

4 out of 5

Posted by Patricia, Ely

Very pleased and it has made a lot of difference with all my calls.

5 out of 5

Posted by Peggy, Bromley

This is a birthday present from my great niece and her husband. I'm absolutely chuffed with it. Being deaf with hearing aids for both ears this is going to be a boon.

5 out of 5

Posted by Peggy, Reading

I'm delighted. Very clear and good adjustable volume. The best telephone I've ever had

5 out of 5

Posted by Peter Ascough

Product excellent. I am now able to telephone friends and take messages for my wife again. His has given me some independence again.

5 out of 5

Posted by Peter Sturridge

Has been very useful and easy to use.

5 out of 5

Posted by Rita, Chingford

I cannot tell you how delighted I am with them, on an ordinary amplified BT phone + add on amplifier. I have not been able to have conversations for over 20 years. I feel as if Christmas has come early. Its turnibng my life around at 80 years of age. Plea

0 out of 5

Posted by Robert, Exeter

I had a little difficulty storing a telephone number. I would suggest that your handbook should stress that there should be no delay between lifting the handset and pressing PROG

5 out of 5

Posted by Roy, Oswestry

This phone is easy to use and excellent sound quality for hard of hearing people.

5 out of 5

Posted by Sheila Edwards

It's a pleasure to make and receive calls now.

5 out of 5

Posted by Sue, Cowes

It has made a huge difference to my mother and her ability to stay in contact with people.

5 out of 5

Posted by V R, Amersham

We would be lost without your products. It makes a big difference at a reasonable price.

5 out of 5

Posted by Violet, Kirkcaldy

Fantastic! Can hear a lot clearer and louder. I'm registered blind and can find buttons great. Hve little vision left. I feel I've got back my confidence with this excellent phone.

5 out of 5

Posted by Wendy, Stockton on Tees

Fantastic- I can now feel confident about speaking to my family.My husband no longer needs to speak on my behalf. The phone was easy to assemble and arrived tues am was ordered fri. I call this great delivery. Thank you so much!

5 out of 5

Posted by William, Sutton on Sea

Well packaged, easy to set up. Appears to be good. Will know more with more use from incoming calls.

5 out of 5

Posted by Yvonne

This is our second phone of the same model. Highly recommend this item. Easy to use and set up. All members of our family use these phones. Thank you.

4 out of 5
 So nice to have a conversation with friends and f

Posted by June Dale

I wish I had contacted help before. I have been so frustrated because people do not understand. Even family get exasperated. It's so nice to have a conversation with friends and family without stress or missing words and sentences.

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