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      HPI RadioLink TV listener

      HPI RadioLink TV listener

      £132.49 £158.99 (inc VAT)
      • L402 RadioLink
      L402 RadioLink
      • L402 RadioLink
      £132.49 £158.99 (inc VAT)
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      A highly customisable TV listener with many unique features, a long range, good amplification and controls to adapt it to your hearing loss.

      Includes a separate charging station so you can keep the receiver near you when you're not using it and a variety of listening options for use with or without hearing aids.

      Key Benefits:
      • Long range cordless radio frequency transmission works through walls
      • Receiver can be used with any listening method of your choice
      • Comes with three listening methods � stethoset, neckloop or earbuds
      • Longest battery life of up to 30 hours and has a low battery indicator
      • Transmitter and receiver can both be battery powered, perfect for tour guides or seminars, etc.
      • Receiver charged separately so you can keep the receiver near you when it's charging
      • Volume control dial and three tone control settings on receiver
      • Up to 50m range

      Product details

      Arguments about how loud the television is are a common problem in households. For the hearing impaired, they need to increase the sound in order to hear - but to everyone else, it can seem deafening.

      The Radio Link TV Listener is the perfect antidote to all this. By amplifying the sound of the television, it can send the sound direct to you via s choice of a stethoset, neckloop or earbuds (al come included in the kit). Everyone else watching with you can hear their favourite shows at a volume that suits them - which means everyone is happy!

      All this is done wirelessly - so there are no annoying cables running across the floor.

      How does it work?

      The Radio Link TV Listener is an easy two-part system.

      Firstly, there is the transmitter. This plugs in (to the TV, radio, music player etc) and processes the sound sending out a signal.

      Secondly, there is the receiver. You have a choice of three receivers in the kit - a stethoset, neckloop or earbuds. The receiver picks up the signal from the transmitter enabling you to enjoy perfect quality audio - without having to reach for the remote control volume button once!

      This system has a great range, and even gives you the option of listening to the telly, radio or music when you're outdoors in the garden.

      The receiver has volume and tone controls allowing you to adjust the sound to suit your hearing loss.

      You can charge the battery while using it

      If you've used a TV listener before, you'll know that most cannot be charged while in use. However, the Radio Link TV Listener can! This is a handy little feature - meaning you will never not be able to use your TV listener because the battery is down. You can use a fully charged kit, or charge while you go - the choice is yours!

      Excellent battery life

      You're going to have to watch a lot of telly to run these batteries out! The RadioLink has the longest battery life of any of our TV listeners. It lasts for 30 hours, which is three times most other TV listeners.

      The transmitter can also be battery powered - this is great when travelling. It could also be used as an assistive listening device for talks and presentations.

      Some more functions and features of the Radio Link TV Listener:

      • Convenience and flexibility
      • Outstanding amplification, suitable for a severe hearing loss
      • Overcomes distance from user to TV etc.
      • Long battery life before recharging is required
      • Good range of accessories supplied including stethoset, neckloop and earphones
      • Transmitter can either be powered by 2 x AAA batteries or its mains adapter
      • Adjustable volume control
      • Three position tone control
      • Easy and convenient to recharge
      • Low battery LED on receiver � flashes red
      • 3.5mm Headphone socket on receiver
      • Microphone and line inputs on transmitter
      • 50m range
      • Operating time � up to 30 hours
      • Charging time � up to 5 hours (if charged up from empty)
      • Receiver has auto-tune facility
      • Mains or battery powered transmitter
      • 1 year warranty

      Please click here to download the product instruction manual.

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