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      "I didn't like wearing headphones in public... until I tried these wireless earbuds"


      "Nuhera IQbuds don't just let you control your music, they let you control how you hear life."

      Live in Limbo

      IQbuds™ are the world’s most intelligent wireless earbuds.

      They are truly transformational, giving isolation when you want it and socialisation when you need it. Whether you have standard hearing or mild hearing loss, IQbuds allow you to selectively tune in or tune out of the world around you.

      Hear conversations - 
      The clever speech amplification feature enables you to hear conversations, even in noisy and crowded places.

      Reduce background noise - Drown out background noise while elevating speech so you’ll never miss another word again.

      Stay aware - Enjoy a blended experience where you can listen to your favourite music or audio while staying aware of your surroundings.

      Hassle-free control - The unique tap touch technology allows you to effortlessly move from your physical world to a digital world and back again with a simple tap on your ear.

      Superb sound quality
      - Seamlessly stream all your favourite music and audio content with high quality stereo.

      Customise the app – The Apple iOS and Android compatible app allows you to customise how you hear your environment and personalise your listening profile.

      Best in class battery life – An unbeatable 16 hours of on-the-go Bluetooth streaming or 32 hours of on-the-go hearing augmentation.