Honeywell Halo wireless flashing doorbell Series 9 - Action On Hearing Loss: RNID
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A293 Honeywell Halo wireless flashing doorbell Series 9

£50.99 (inc. VAT)
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Hearing loss:
Suitable for up to profound hearing loss

Product Description

The Honeywell Halo or 'Series 9' doorbell is an easy-to-use, long range doorchime with a bright, flashing strobe light and a loud ringer to alert you.

A loud and versatile doorbell with a bright flashing strobe light, a great solution for those with any hearing loss or profound deafness.

The Honeywell Halo (or DC915N) doorbell has a long, 200m range, and can be adapted with helpful accessories to alert you to the telephone, intercom or other doors around the house.

Key Benefits:
- Loud audible alarm suitable for up to a severe hearing loss and a bright flashing strobe for those with profound deafness
- Halo light illuminates the unit with a choice of six different colours
- Choice of eight different melodies with build-in volume control
- Add up to six push buttons or accessories, and set up different, unique alerts for each one
- Very long range of up to 200m
- Easy installation, units are already paired and there's no wiring required
- Portable or wall mountable
- Batteries included, can be mains powered with the mains power adaptor accessory
Please note: This product comes with pictoral instructions, if you require more detailed information or guidance on setting up this product please contact our aftersales support team. Tel: 03330 144 485, Email:

Dimensions & Weight:
Dimensions: Doorbell: 126x126x42mm Push button: 30x70x16mm
Weight: 315g


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