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L369 EasyLink and MyLink Package

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Suitable for up to severe hearing loss Hearing aid compatible

Product Description

This is a very easy-to-use personal listener which allows the hearing aid wearer to enjoy enhanced sound and speech in noisy circumstances.

The EasyLink Wireless Listening Device offers both simplicity and great audio and build quality to improve your heating in all types of situations.

This FM assistive listening device is manufactured by Phonak, the hearing aid specialists - a well-respected brand in hearing loss products.

Does your hearing aid need a bit of extra help in certain situations? Do you find background noise, echoes and distance affecting the quality of your hearing? If so, you're not alone, a lot of hearing aid users admit that they still struggle with audio, even when their aids are on maximum volume.

This is when a personal listener is required - however some users often struggle with the amount of functions available. Some listeners can be high tech - which some people love, but others find over-complicated. The EasyLink Wireless Listening Device is a very simple piece of kit to operate which will deliver quality audio wirelessly to your hearing aids and improve sound quality in the most testing of situations.

This FM listening device offers:

  • Large LCD screen – which allows you to see the FM channel as well as the battery status. 
  • Hidden antenna – the antenna is cleverly hidden in the lavaliere cord which can be worn around the neck. 
  • Digital multi-frequency channel setting – a simple-to-use function which allows the easy changing of FM frequency.
  • Fast power charger – lithium ion technology means the transmitters are fully charged in just two hours, with up to 12 hours consistent use from one charge. 
  • External microphone – direct audio input connection to the TV, MP3 players, stereo and PCs 
  • Operating range – up to 30 metres - ideal for outdoor activities, at work, out shopping or in the car.
  • Part of this assistive FM listening device is the MyLink. This is the receiver that picks up the FM signal from the ZoomLink transmitter and sends it directly to your hearing aid on the T-Loop setting.

The EasyLink package comes with a MyLink receiver - this is the neckloop that you wear for improved sound. It connects wirelessly to the FM signal and relays the sounds to your hearing aids when on the T-loop setting. The EasyLink transmitter is work around the neck of the person speaking. It can also be connected directly to the TV or music station, or places in the table at meetings.

The EasyLink has been designed to make it extremely straight forward to use:

  • Microphones that improve sound clarity – fixed omni directional microphone – picks up speech from the front 
  • One button operation – it is extremely simple to operate with an easy on/off button 
  • Links to analogue phones – can be adapted to connect to analogue phone lines, with the sound feeding into the aid allowing better listening quality.

All in all, it is the perfect no-fuss personal listener to use on the go - for clarity of sound and ease of use.


Dimensions & Weight:
Dimensions: -
Weight: -

Functional Specification:

  • Wireless Listeners
    • Transmitter microphone type - combination
    • Operating range - 30 m
    • Choice of frequency channels - yes
    • Coded transmission for security - yes
    • Accessories available - yes
    • Rechargeable - yes
    • Group discussions - yes
    • Duration use after charging - 12 hours


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I have a severe high frequency hearing loss and a Naiada Ultra power aid which doesn't help a great deal despite the audiologist at David Omerod Romford. Will this product help me?

It would mean trying the unit to see if it is suitable for you. We have a 28 days return policy for nearly all our products so if you feel it is not suitable then you can return it back to us for a full refund or exchange as long as it is in as new condition.

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What is the life of the rechargeable battery?At what distance is it effective - i.e.can it be used at a lecture?

The battery will last up to 12hrs from consistent use but they can also be recharged in just 2hrs.The operating range is 30m and the unit should work perfectly well in a lecture.


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