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      Do any of your customers have trouble hearing the TV? If so, it’s likely they have to turn up the volume so loudly that it bothers others.

      For many of your customers, particularly those who are elderly, TV is likely to be a lifeline. With the help of a TV listener, they’ll be able to enjoy all their favourite programmes, without disturbing anyone else.

      Our wireless TV listeners have two parts: a transmitter that’s connected to the TV; and a receiver which receives the sound via hearing aids switched to the hearing loop setting (if they wear a neckloop), or through a stethoset or headphones.

      Browse our range below, then contact us for expert advice or to place an order.

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      There’s no longer any need to have the TV or stereo sound turned up too
      loud. With the help of one of our simple listening devices, your clients can
      enjoy their favourite programmes or music – without disturbing anyone else.