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      Recommend a deaf-friendly doorbell

      Regularly missing visitors or deliveries because they can’t hear the doorbell is a common cause of stress for people who are deaf or have hearing loss.

      Suggest a deaf-friendly doorbell to your customers and they’ll never miss another visitor or delivery, wherever they are in the house.

      You can explain that doorbells designed for people with hearing loss come in two parts: the button that visitors press and the receiver unit that tells them when someone’s at the door.

      Your customers can decide how they want to be alerted – by extra-loud chime, flashing lights and/or powerful vibrations – depending on their level of hearing loss.

      Check out our range of doorbells below, then contact us for expert advice or to place an order.

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      Once your client starts using one of our doorbells, those days
      of staring out of the window, waiting for a visitor to turn up, will
      be a thing of the past.With vibrating pads that slip under the pillow, super-loud alarm
      sounds and bright flashing lights, our alarm clocks are guaranteed
      to make waking up late a thing of the past.