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L364 Digi System - Handset DH-10

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4 out of 5
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Suitable for up to severe hearing loss Hearing aid compatible

Product Description

How easy it is for people with hearing loss to be part of a conversation? Very easy as it happens, with the Digi System neck loop receiver! This neck loop for hearing aids works with one or more microphones to deliver clear and crisp speech while background noise is removed.

This makes it ideal for situations where more than one person is speaking - meetings, courtrooms and classrooms. The neckloop is easy to set-up, simple to use and comfortable to wear while allowing the listener to enjoy enhanced, intelligible dialogue.

One of the biggest impacts of hearing loss is the inability to follow conversation. The complexities in sound and pitch when two or more people are speaking make it very difficult for the hard of hearing to follow without access to assistive listening devices. This can have a devastating effect of someone's life - and can isolate them from social and educational activities.

The Digi System neckloop receiver is part of the Digi System listener range. This is top-of-the-range piece of equipment that can be comfortably worn around the neck of the listener during conversations. The receiver within the loop amplifies speech and sends it wirelessly through to the hearing aid via the neckloop.

The neck loop works in conjunction with our range of Digi System microphones. Unlike other personal listening devices on the market, the Digi System range allows more than one transmitter microphone to be hooked up to the system. This function allows the listener to enjoy enhanced speech from more than one speaker. Users have found this system invaluable in classrooms, lectures and meetings where there can be a range of people speaking.

Not only this, but the listener benefits from reduced background noise making the sound quality crystal clear. The system is easy to set-up and simple to use with the benefit of being able to mix and match microphones. You can even forget you're wearing it, with its lightweight clip which fastens to clothing.

While the Digi System neckloop for hearing aids can be used to listen to multiple voices, it also has other functions and features which include: 

  • Volume control and stereo sound which can be personally controlled
  • Different volume control for each ear to suit wearer
  • Built in rechargeable battery with 10 hours use from two hours charge
  • Mains charger included in pack
  • Neckloop can work within a 30m range

The Digi System DH10 neckloop is a high-spec technical product. Our customer service team are happy to answer any questions regarding it. Just ring us on 03330 144 525

Dimensions & Weight:
Dimensions: -
Weight: -

Functional Specification:

  • Wireless Listeners
    • Transmitter microphone type - combination
    • Choice of frequency channels - yes
    • Coded transmission for security - yes
    • Accessories available - yes
    • Rechargeable - yes
    • Group discussions - yes


4 out of 5
 Digi system with three microphones

Posted by Anthony on 18 June 2012

It is a major disadvantage of this system that the rechargeable batteries when fully charged can only be used for so short a time before they need recharging. The receiver (DH-10) and standard microphone (DM-10) last for just over 9 hours, and the personal microphones (DM-20) last for only just over 6 hours. And when one of these runs out, the rest will no longer work without resetting the channels. They take 2 hours to recharge.

4 out of 5
 Digi system listener with three microphones

Posted by Anthony on 02 April 2012

I find I cannot take part in conversations between two or more other people So I ordered a Digi system with a receiver, a master microphone, a personal microphone, and a personal mini microphone. But when I set it up, I found that the personal mini microphone cannot be used in combination with any other. So I had to exchange it for a second personal microphone. Then I found that if you have two or more personal microphones, their users have to press and hold down a button on the unit all the time they are talking; and when they press their button, all the other personal microphones are disabled. This makes having a casual conversation with two or more people pretty well impossible. So I exchanged my second personal microphone for a second master microphone, and now it all works. But it is very expensive, £3600 ex. VAT. The quality of sound is very good, and background noise is much reduced

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