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L381 Digi System - DM-20 Personal microphone

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Suitable for up to severe hearing loss

Product Description

One of the indicators of hearing loss is having trouble following a conversation. When more than one person talks, the complex frequencies of speech make it difficult for people with hearing loss to follow. So how can you improve the sound quality in classrooms, meetings and lectures?

The Digi System DM-20 Personal Microphone is a microphone listening device that enables speakers to be hooked up to a series of microphones. These are then transmitted to receivers which wirelessly relay the sound to the listener. This conversation amplifier is the only one of its kind that allows the use of more than one microphone.

Would you like to improve the hearing facilities within your organisation? Perhaps, if this is a new initiative, you may not know where to start? With so many products avilable on the market, it can be difficult to choose what is best for your requirements.

Out of all the personal microphones that we offer, none are more ideal for meetings, presentations and training sessions than the Digi System DM-20 Personal Microphone. This microphone listening device is the only one of its kind that allows the listener to hear more that one transmitter microphone. Other conversation amplifier systems will only allow one mic to transmit to a group of receivers. This microphone can join up with other mics allowing you to have a panel of several speakers whose voices can be wirelessly picked up through the receivers.

TheDigi System DM-20 Personal Microphone is a master microphone with an in-built receiver. This means this kit controls the sound from the other Digi System microphones and transmits this all to the receivers. Without this master microphone, you are unable to listen to more than one mic. It can also be used on its own if required.

With the Digi System DM-20 Personal Microphone, people with hearing loss can finally listen in on events where several people are speaking - even amid a noisy background. Classrooms, lectures, debates and demonstrations are all situations that can benefit from the use of this multi-microphone system. The transmitter removes background noise leaving the listeners to enjoy exceptional sound quality and enhanced speech.

The Digi System also benefits from being able to mix and match microphones - making it an extremely flexible system to use in any event. Other features and functions include:

  • 'Push to talk' button prevents the receiver from hearing any other microphone
  • Smaller external microphone is included in pack
  • Mute button that can block the noise on the microphone to other receivers
  • Automatic gain control reduces the impact of loud sudden noises, as well as
    increasing the volume of quieter sounds
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with seven hours’ use (typical charging time - two hours)
  • Size: 84 x 39 x 14mm

The DigiSystem is a high-spec technical product - our Customer Service team are ready to answer any questions you have on this product, just ring 01733 363 911 for more information.

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