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H186 DB110 Hearing aid dryer

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The DB110 Hearing Aid Dryer and Dehumidifier is a compact storage box for your hearing aids to keep them clean and free from moisture and bacteria.

Have a hard time taking good care of your hearing aids? This Hearing Aid Dry Box is an excellent solution. With a gentle heat inside the box, drying your hearing aids has never been easier! Plus, with the powerful UV light that inhibits bacteria growth, you can say goodbye to itchy ears. If you are on the go a lot, this hearing aid device is perfect; compact and lightweight with one-touch operation means no more fiddling around – it’s also ideal for those with arthritis.

To protect your ears, you must always protect your hearing aids. Hearing Aid Dryers, the DB110 in particular, are invaluable for removing moisture from your hearing aids. All you need to do is place your hearing aids on the heated pad and choose the correct setting. This hearing aid dryer can last up to 8 hours in order to dry even the wettest of hearing aids. Accommodating up to two pairs of hearing aids at the same time, this device for people with hearing loss is a dream.

If you want to prevent ear infections or itchy ears, keeping your hearing aids clean and bacteria free is vital. What is great about this Dryer For Hearing Aids, is that it's environmentally friendly as you don't need to use any harmful chemicals or disinfectants, and the plastic tray is removable, helping you to keep the box itself clean.

And just another little bonus, there is a magnetized area on the box which helps you store batteries so you don't lose them. With the built-in battery tester, this Dryer Box For Hearing Aids will pay for itself in time, saving you money as you'll know exactly how much charge your used batteries have.



  • Gentle dry heat removes moisture and condensation
  • Controlled drying and UV light reduces bacterial growth
  • Drying cycle timer of 2hrs, 4hrs or 8hrs
  • Built-in battery tester to save time and money
  • Easy to open for users with arthritis
  • Simple one-touch operation
  • Accommodates up to two pairs of hearing aids or cochlear implant processors
  • Compact and lightweight – ideal for use at home or when travelling

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