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L394 Bellman Mino with Neckloop

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3 out of 5
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Suitable for up to severe hearing loss Hearing aid compatible

Product Description

The L394 Bellman Personal Listening Device With Neckloop is a pocket-sized personal listener. With digital sound processing, it is very light and easy to use.

Have a hearing aid but sometimes find it hard to hear conversations clearly? Bellman’s pocket-sized personal listening device with digital sound processing provides you with better sound quality whilst reducing feedback and background noise. That means no more “Excuse me’s” or “pardon’s” whilst you’re in a conversation.

This portable assistive listening device with neckloop is easy to use, simply put the neckloop over your head like a necklace and plug it in. Instantly, conversations will be amplified by this listening device as the sound transmits directly to your hearing aids through the neckloop, just remember to switch your hearing aid to the T setting and point the product in the direction you want to listen!

This product can be used as an outdoor listening device as it is particularly good at filtering out continual sounds, such as the hum of a fan, while enhancing the sound of speech. With the directional microphone, sounds from the front are amplified while sounds from the side and rear are suppressed.

On this Bellman Directional Listening Device, it is possible to switch to the omni-directional microphone mode, this enables you to hear clearly from all directions – something useful for when you’re in meetings or at a dinner party. With adjustable tone control, you can adjust the bass and treble of the listening device to suit your particular hearing loss.


  • Adjustable tone and volume control
  • Reduces background noise and enhances speech
  • Directional and omni-directional microphone settings
  • Single use buttons makes changing functions simple
  • Up to 18 hours’ operation from 2.5 hour charge
  • Balance control, so you can adjust the volume for each ear


Dimensions & Weight:
Dimensions: 99 x 48 x 22mm
Weight: -

Functional Specification:

  • Personal Listeners
    • Amplification processing type - digital
    • Microphone type - internal-built in
    • Volume control type - push buttons
    • Tone control - push buttons
    • Rechargable - yes
    • Wireless transmitter - yes


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is there any connection to my hearing aids when in use please!

There is no direct connection to your hearing aid as the sound will be transmitted from the neckloop to your hearing aid as long as your aid is on the T setting.


5 out of 5

Posted by Mrs Harry Daw, Margate on 10 January 2013

No problem

3 out of 5
 Belman Mino L394

Posted by Guy, HIGH PEAK on 08 June 2012

Quite easy to use once you have read the instruction book. The neck loop is very poor, the cable being much too rigid, the nearer it is to your hearingaid/s the louder the volume.! I would have liked a slighly longer cable so to be able place the unit on a table at meetings away from the rustle of papers, which can be a problem. The treble/bass settings are only useable in the max bass setting (in my case) moving one setting towards the treble the sound becomes inceasingly 'tinny'. The directional mic. seems very low in volume compared with the omnidirectional mic. I appeciate that everyones hearing needs are different and it has given me an inprovement at certain meetings when the speaper is not too far away, it is well worth giving it a try. I would have liked to compare it with a top range model but the price difference is very substantial !! Guy Martin

5 out of 5

Posted by Geoof Phillips

Selected with the help of your staff. It answers my needs.

1 out of 5

Posted by John O'Connell

Poor. It would be ok if you could get the speaker to move no more than six inches after setting the machine.

4 out of 5

Posted by Mrs W Glendenning

Took a little bit of getting used to. Handbook could be better but my family think it is brilliant with TV on normal volume and using normal conversational tones.

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