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B1550 Bellman Ionisation Smoke Alarm

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5 out of 5
Hearing loss:
Suitable for up to profound hearing loss

Product Description

Please note: This ionisation smoke alarm transmitter has now been replaced with the B1551 smoke alarm transmitter (insert link here). It has the same functionality however it now has a sleek square design. This transmitter is best suited for detecting explosive fires.

The B1550 smoke alarm transmitter has been upgraded and is now the B1551. The functionality is exactly the same however it looks different. The B1551 has a square, sleek new design. (Click here to be redirected to the B1551) When smoke is detected the smoke alarm will transmit a fire alarm signal to all receivers within its range, while giving out an audible sound like a normal smoke alarm.

We recommend that at least one smoke detector is placed on each level in a multi-storey house.

Download this brochure for more information about this product and the rest of the Bellman range.

  • Test button function which blinks with a red light once per minute. This indicates that the battery has been connected correctly and is in good condition.
  • It has a safety feature that prevents you from fitting the unit without the battery.
  • It will beep once per minute while the LED blinks red twice in succession when the battery is low.
  • A low battery fire alarm signal will also be transmitted at regular intervals to the Bellman receiver of your choice, which cause the receivers' fire alarm LED to blink once every five seconds.


Dimensions & Weight:
Dimensions: 128 x 50 mm
Weight: None

Functional Specification:

  • Smoke Alarms
    • Professional Fitting? - no
    • Testing button - yes
    • Ionisation - Yes


5 out of 5

Posted by Lee, Slough

Perfect! Easy to install/set up/ works straightaway, no fiddly installation or set up. Most of all alerts with vigour.

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