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      Geemarc Wake 'n' Shake Voyager vibrating alarm clock

      Geemarc Wake 'n' Shake Voyager vibrating alarm clock

      £24.99 £29.99 (inc VAT)
      £24.99 £29.99 (inc VAT)
      Product Code A303
      Is battery powered - batteries are provided In Stock

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      Compact and easy to use, the Wake ‘n’ Shake Voyager is perfect for travelling abroad and taking the stress out of your holiday. With a choice of sound, light and vibration alerts, you’ll have no problem waking up on time.

      Key benefits:

      • Wake up on time with loud amplified ringer (75dB)
      • Avoid disturbing others with the powerful vibrating alarm (2 settings)
      • Combine flash and ring for perfect bedside-table alarm clock
      • Combine vibration and amplified ring for a very effective under-pillow alarm clock
      • Easy to pack in your suitcase, it’s compact and lightweight with no extra vibrating pad necessary
      • Time your lie-in easily with the large, easy-to-read clock display
      • Countdown timer and stopwatch function handy for keeping up with daily routines

      Product details

      With its superior modern, lightweight and compact design, the Wake ‘n’ Shake voyager is the perfect travel companion. The choice of a powerful vibration or loud alarm sound means you’ll never have to worry about oversleeping on holiday again.

      Whether you’re a heavy sleeper, profoundly deaf, or have a moderate hearing loss, there’s an alarm option for you.

      Powerful vibrating alarm clock

      The powerful vibrating alarm is perfect for deaf travellers. The whole clock vibrates, and it’s small enough to fit comfortably under your pillow so there’s no extra vibrating pad to take up space in your luggage.

      At night the auto key-lock feature locks the buttons, so you can’t accidentally change any settings as you’re sleeping with the clock under your pillow. There’s also a handy strap to make sure it stays in place and doesn’t slip out.

      Loud audible alarm and bright flashing strobe

      If you’re a particularly heavy sleeper, or have a hearing loss, the vibrating alarm can be combined with a very loud ‘beeping’ audible alarm too, that’ll be sure to wake you.

      If you don’t fancy being shaken awake every morning, you can turn off vibrate and just keep the clock on your bedside table. There’s a bright flashing light alarm setting too, which can be combined with the audible alarm, but it’s unlikely to wake you on its own.


      • Amplified audible alarm (up to 75dB)
      • Powerful vibrating alarm (2 power settings)
        • No vibrating pad required – whole clock vibrates
        • Lanyard for fixing clock under pillow
        • Auto key-lock feature to protect settings when under pillow
      • Bright flashing alert
        • Perfect as a daytime reminder
      • 6 alarm settings:
        • Off
        • Ringer only
        • Vibration only
        • Flash only
        • Ringer + Flash together
        • Vibrate + Ringer together
      • Alarm duration of one minute
      • Snooze (duration between 5 to 60 minutes)
      • Protective travel case included
      • Lamp and torch function
      • Countdown timer and stopwatch function
      • Choose from 12/24hr clock display
      • White backlit, easy-to-read display
      • Alarm test button
      • Batteries included (2 x AA and 1 x AAA)

      Helpful extra features

      More than just an alarm clock, the Wake ‘n’ Shake Voyager also makes a perfect bedside table lamp, a handy torch, timer or reminder.

      The flash alarm option makes for a perfect daytime reminder for things like medication throughout the day, or you can use the vibrating alarm if you’re out and about.

      With both countdown and count-up timers, you can use the Wake ‘n’ Shake voyager to time things like regular exercise routines, meditation or prayer times.

      The easy to read, backlit display is perfect for checking the time on a drowsy morning without too much fuss.

      Please note: Regular use of the vibration alarm setting can quickly drain the battery life

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