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Update from Autifony tinnitus clinical trial

Posted on 13/10/2015

Autifony Therapeutics has been conducting a Phase 2a clinical trial to test if their new experimental drug, AUT00063, is able to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus. The study was conducted in several hospital sites across the UK.

Now part-way through the trial, an analysis of the results has been carried out by an independent committee.Autifony logo image This was done to see whether the drug was improving the symptoms of tinnitus and to check if there were any unforeseen side-effects in tinnitus patients. The committee looked at the data from tinnitus patients treated with AUT00063 compared to those treated with placebo (dummy treatment).  The results showed that AUT00063 had no adverse side effects, but the committee concluded that treatment with AUT00063 did not significantly improve tinnitus symptoms either, and as a result of this lack of beneficial effect, recommended that the clinical trial be stopped.

While stopping this clinical trial is very disappointing, Autifony will be conducting a full review and analysis of the data collected to understand these results and see what can be learned for the development of future tinnitus medicines, as well as to explore if any subgroups of people with tinnitus may have benefited from the treatment.

More information can be found on the Autifony website

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