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What earplugs and headphones should I buy?

More about earplugs

There are loads of different earplugs available for clubbers, festival-goers, DJs or band members in a range of styles and prices. You need earplugs that don’t muffle the sound, but reduce the noise level. Ditch the foam plugs you use for sleeping, and pick up some party plugs.

Ear defenders are also available for young children, but these do reduce sound quality.

Suggested stockists for earplugs:

The Action on Hearing Loss Shop offers a range of hearing protection earplugs and ear defenders for adults and children. For lovers of live music, sport or other loud events the EarPeace earplugs provide comfortable protection that filter out loud noises but also enable the listener to hear other sounds, like voices. For children, lightweight ear defenders are becoming more and more popular, providing youngsters with comfortable protection. All the profits from our Shop go back to helping people with hearing loss.

Sensorcom (external link, opens new browser window) also sell earplugs which filter sound, rather than block it out, a range of custom-made musicians' earplugs and other equipment. Action on Hearing Loss is part of Sensorcom's affiliate scheme.

ACS (external link, opens new browser window) provides viable hearing protection and communication products that are designed to help people enjoy sound safely.

Edz Kidz Ear Defenders (external link, opens new browser window), provides specially designed ear defenders to protect children's hearing from loud noises. They are lightweight, compact and easy to use, and available in a range of different colours.

More about headphones

Use the right headphones, and you will be able to play music at much lower volumes, even in noisy environments like public transport. There are two types:

Noise-cancelling headphones have special electronics – including microphones to analyse background noise and generate sound waves to cancel it out. They vary in price but can cost up to £200.

Sound-isolating headphones physically block out noise – some models will be as little as £10.00.

Check the product description before you buy headphones. It will tell you if they are noise-cancelling or sound-isolating.

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