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Loud music

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Tinnitus - or ringing in ears

Have you ever had ringing in your ears after a gig or club night? It’s a warning sign loud music may have damaged your hearing. Learn about tinnitus here.
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5 ways to protect your hearing

Music is the soundtrack to our lives. Find out 5 ways to protect your hearing so you can keep listening to the music you love.
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in decibels. 70 city street. 80 danger level. 90 pneumatic drill. 100 nightclub.

Noise levels

Sound intensity doubles with every 3dB. Sounds at 88dB are twice as intense as sounds at 85dB, although this won’t be obvious to the listener. View our infographic on noise levels to see how loud a jet taking off is compared to a live music show.
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A researcher using a microscope in the lab.

The science behind hearing loss

Our Senior Audiologist, Gemma Twitchen, explains the science behind hearing loss and tinnitus.
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Chris Martin from Coldplay at the Music Producers Guild Awards

Did you know Chris Martin and Plan B have tinnitus? Who else?

Leading artists tell us how they feel about loud music and how they protect their hearing.
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