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      Daniel's story

      Daniel Webster, 37, from Essex, who is profoundly Deaf and a BSL user, had a smart meter installed in May 2016. He tells us about his experiences.

      "Initially, I had a smart meter installed because I am quite techy and like to keep up with the latest gadgets but I thought it seemed like a good way to keep tabs on the money I spent on gas and electricity. Living in a house with my wife and our one year old, our energy bills can be quite high, especially in winter, so it’s useful to know exactly how much I’m spending every month.

      The installation through my supplier was completely straightforward – I told them beforehand I was Deaf, and gave them instructions to text me on arrival, which they did.

      The smart meter is very easy to use and because it automatically sends my meter readings through to my energy supplier, it means I don’t have to. I’m not sure if I’ve made any real savings, but having a smart meter has definitely made me more aware of what I’m spending, so when I can see my bill creeping up, I start to switch off lights and turn down radiators!"

      If you'd like to get a smart meter installed, contact your energy supplier today.

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