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      Smart energy

      Save yourself some energy!

      We've teamed up with Smart Energy GB to let you know how a free smart meter could make life a little easier – and save you money.

      Smart meter, smart living

      By the end of 2020, gas and electricity suppliers will offer to fit smart meters in every home in England, Scotland and Wales. This is part of the government’s plans to reduce carbon emissions, as they help every household make energy savings.

      Switching to a smart meter won’t cost you anything extra – actually you could save money once you start using it.

      What are smart meters?

      They’re the latest generation of gas and electricity meters. They come with a display screen that you can put anywhere in your home. This shows you how much gas or electricity you’re using and how much it costs in real time. Your meter will also send your energy readings straight to your supplier – so you don't have to. 

      Benefits of having a smart meter

      • See how much gas or electricity you're using, and how much money you're spending, in real time.
      • Only pay for the energy you use. Your bills will show the exact amount you’ve spent.
      • The smart meter tells your supplier how much energy you use, so they don’t have to come and read your meter. One less thing to worry about!
      • You can use the information from your display screen to decide if you would be better off with another supplier. You can then change supplier if you want to.
      • If you're a smart prepay customer, you can top up by computer or mobile phone. No need to go to your local shop!

      More information

      Smart Energy GB have produced helpful leaflets about the smart meter rollout, telling you all you need to know.  

      Smart Energy Leaflet - watch in BSL

      Daniel Webster

      Daniel Webster, 37, from Essex, who is profoundly Deaf and a BSL user, had a smart meter installed in May 2016. He tells us about his experiences.

      Smart meter