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      The development of technology is moving at an incredibly fast pace but what does that mean for people with deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss? Do we continue to create dedicated assistive technology solutions to help people or do we try to influence developers of mainstream technology to integrate products and services that can help, and make them more accessible?  

      We often find that assistive technology doesn’t quite fully meet the user’s needs. Things like fiddly buttons, audio devices with poor sound quality, or having to carry four different devices instead of one can leave users feeling let down by all this new tech.

      So why not have your say by working with researchers, developers and manufacturers to ensure the end product meets your needs? By working with the user from an early stage, we can support developers to ensure the solution they are creating is what people with deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss actually want.

      You can help developers in lots of different ways

      You could, for example:

      • answer a few questions about a concept
      • be part of focus groups to help create new ideas
      • get involved with some hands on testing.

      If you’re interested in technology and want to be more involved in how it’s developed, complete this short questionnaire to sign up to our Tech UX Panel so that we can match you to the most suitable projects.

      Sign up to our Tech UX Panel

      If you're developing technology for people with hearing loss or tinnitus, Action on Hearing Loss is well positioned to support you in a variety of ways, from early concept to market.