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      Enjoying music, on screen and live entertainment

      If you use hearing aids, music and live entertainment can be very difficult to appreciate, and TV sound can be difficult to hear. That's why assistive devices and services to support audio information are vital.

      Hearing the TV and radio

      If you have to turn up the volume on your TV, radio or music player so loud that it disturbs your family, or you find you're sitting closer and closer to the TV, read more about the products that allow you to turn down the volume for others, while making it louder and clearer for you.

      Wireless headphones allow you to listen at a volume level that suits you. Wireless TV listeners are similar: they have stethoset earbuds and give you high-volume levels. If you wear a hearing aid that has a hearing loop (T) setting you can explore (home/domestic) loop systems and TV listeners with neckloop receivers.

      Hearing aid TV streamers

      Some hearing aid manufacturers make TV streamers which are designed to plug directly into your TV set and send the audio wirelessly to your hearing aids. Please note that you need to get one that is compatible with your hearing aids (the manufacturers design them all slightly differently).

      Remote microphone

      A remote microphone can help deliver the sound of your TV straight to your hearing aid. If you place the microphone close to the TV speaker, it will pick up the sound and transmit it straight into the hearing aid. You can usually control the microphone using a remote control or, in some models, with an app. This allows you to control the sound you want to hear and adjust the volume and tone of the sound being picked up.

      Bluetooth streamers

      Bluetooth streamers allow you to channel the audio of a Bluetooth device directly into your hearing aids. This can make listening to music on your personal music player more comfortable. When listening to digital radio on a Bluetooth device such as a smartphone or a tablet, you can transmit the sound of the radio directly into your hearing aids.

      Some remote microphones will also act as a Bluetooth streamer and transmit the sound in the same way. However, these devices are usually manufacturer specific, so you should speak to your audiologist about which ones will be compatible with your hearing aids.

      Hearing safety

      Wireless headphones and TV listeners can produce high volume levels. Always increase the volume level gradually to a comfortable level.