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      Let Me Hear Again

      This is an all in one app for people with hearing loss. It's a great tool for students or anyone who attends lectures.

      The basic version has 2 functions and the pro version has 4 functions.

      • The ‘face to face chat’ function converts speech to text and text to speech, for 71 spoken languages.
      • The ‘virtual notes’ function translates long conversations or speeches into words.


      The pro version also includes: 

      • the option of a louder sound (100dB) and vibrating alarm clock
      • a function to detect loud sounds such as fire or smoke alarms - your device can send out a 100dB signal and also vibration.


      This app is currently only available on Android. The basic app is free but the pro version does cost money.

      Learn more and download Let Me Hear Again