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      Jack Griffiths

      I got the job and was delighted

      Jack is profoundly Deaf and was refused work several times. With our help he found work with Willis Construction and is now part of the team.


      "For two years I had gone through a difficult time applying for jobs and being turned down. And I came here and got the job here. I was absolutely delighted"
      Jack Griffiths, Willis Construction

      Our Working for Change campaign aims to improve attitudes to hearing loss in the workplace. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, we need your help.

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      Working for Change

      We're campaigning to change attitudes to hearing loss in the workplace, so that the millions of employees affected are supported to reach their full potential.

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      Jack at work
      Jack at work

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      When Laura suddenly lost her hearing a few years ago, she worried about returning to her office-based job. Here, Laura and her manager, Steve, explain how a few simple adjustments have enabled her to continue to thrive at work.

      Hugh Strickland

      Hugh Strickland, a partner at Shrewsbury-based law firm Aaron & Partners, has hereditary hearing loss. But that hasn’t stopped him from climbing the career ladder.

      Tasha at work

      Tasha Henderson, 25, from Belfast, is an HR professional, Freelance Actor and Videographer, and has profound hearing loss. Watch Tasha challenge prospective employers to change their perspective on employing people with disabilities.

      Firefighter Steve Mintern, 51, from Berkshire, thought his career was over when he lost his hearing in both ears overnight. But thanks to a supportive employer, Steve was back fighting fires just five months later.

      Jennifer at work

      NHS England Advisor Jennifer Stanley, 35, has had hearing loss since birth but concealed it at work. Eventually, an understanding line manager encouraged her to be open about her hearing.

      Carl at work

      Carl Else, 34, from Sheffield is a visual merchandiser for IKEA. Here Carl, and his manager James explain how good communication has helped to offer a supportive workplace.