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      How to stay safe and independent at home

      If you, or a loved one, can’t hear the doorbell, phone, baby monitor or smoke alarm, one simple solution will offer total peace of mind. The Bellman Visit paging system will alert you to important sounds around the home so you can stay safe and independent.

      By: Sally Bromham | 06 September 2018

      Do you worry about missing the doorbell or phone? Would you hear the smoke alarm if it went off at night? Perhaps you’re concerned about a loved one with hearing loss staying safe and independent at home.

      The Bellman Visit is a home alerting system for people with up to profound hearing loss. It will alert you, or a family member, to important sounds around the home with a choice of transmitters:
      • Doorbell - detects all types of doorbells, and alerts you when there’s a visitor or delivery
      • Fire - supervises your home and wakes you in the event of a fire
      • Phone - detects phones and tablets, and alerts you to calls and messages
      • Baby - monitors your child or grandchild around the clock.

      You can decide how you’re alerted - by extra-loud alarm, high-intensity flashing light or powerful vibrations - with a receiver to suit your hearing needs and lifestyle:
      • On the coffee table - flash receiver
      • In your pocket - pager receiver
      • On your wrist - wrist receiver
      • By your bed - alarm clock receiver

      See the Bellman Visit home alerting system in action

      Whether you, or a loved one, have experienced sudden onset hearing loss, or you’re gradually finding it difficult to live safely and independently, the Bellman Visit system will help you to regain control. It enables anyone with hearing loss to be aware of important sounds, day and night.

      The Bellman Visit is suitable for a wide range of situations. If you’re moving house and want to install the most flexible alerting system, it’s the perfect home starter pack. If you’re worried about a family member who’s struggling to cope around the home, it’s the ideal solution. It can even be used in the workplace to stay fully connected and aware at all times.

      The Bellman Visit system is incredibly simple to set up and use. It doesn’t rely on wifi, so there’s no hassle with router configurations or worry over phone bills. No wonder it’s our most popular, home alerting product.

      In order for the Bellman Visit system to work, you need at least one transmitter and one receiver (see the transmitter and receiver options below). Multiple transmitters can be used with just one receiver. You can build your own customised system by following the steps below, or choose a pre-packaged kit.

      STEP 1 - What would you like to be alerted to?

      Choose your Bellman Visit transmitter:

      Telephone transmitter

      B1431 Visit 868 telephone transmitter

      If you struggle to hear the phone ring, this telephone transmitter will alert you to the phone, fax machine or textphone, wherever you are in the house.

      • Set individual alerts for up to four telephone transmitters
      • Receive alerts from different devices on the same system
      • Up to 250m operating range.


      Smoke alarm transmitter

      B1551 Visit 868 Ionization smoke alarm

      This ionisation smoke alarm transmitter will instantly alert you to a fire in the home. It’s ideal for detecting fast-flaming or explosive fires which don't generate much smoke.

      • Test button to indicate that the smoke detector is working properly
      • Transmits to Bellman Visit receivers with up to a 200m range
      • Emits a standard audible alarm for hearing users.


      Baby monitor transmitter

      B1491 Bellman baby Cry monitor (white)

      The Bellman Visit baby monitor is a must-have for parents and carers with deafness or hearing loss. You’ll always know when your child needs attention.

      • Three sensitivity settings to ensure it’s not triggered unnecessarily
      • Your chosen receiver will work with up to four baby monitors in different locations, each with a unique alert
      • Up to 250m operating range.


      Carbon monoxide transmitter

      B143C0 Bellman Visit 868 carbon monoxide detector

      This potentially life-saving device will alert your chosen receiver if it detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide (an odourless, tasteless and colourless gas) in your home.
      • Supplied with a carbon monoxide detector and a telephone transmitter to send the alert
      • Up to 200m operating range
      • Wall-mountable.


      Door transmitter

      B1411 Visit 868 door transmitter

      Never miss another visitor or delivery using the Bellman Visit door transmitter. With a wireless range of up to 250m, it carries well throughout the home and garden.

      • Works with any doorbell, so there’s no need to replace your existing system
      • Recognises the sound of up to three existing doorbells using a 'sound training' feature
      • Fastens to an internal wall to pick up the sound of your doorbell or intercom.


      STEP 2 - How would you like to be alerted?

      Select your receiver to complete the Bellman Visit system:

      Pager receiver

      B1470 Pager receiver

      The pager receiver vibrates when activated and specific symbols light up to tell you which alert you’ve received. It’s small enough to slip in your pocket or attach to your clothing.

      • Alerts you with a powerful vibration
      • Belt clip for wearing around the house or in the garden
      • Use with the pager charger to connect a vibrating pad for night-time alerts.


      Flash receiver

      B1441 Flash receiver

      This flashing receiver alerts you to important sounds around the home with a bright flashing light and coloured symbols. You can easily attach a vibrating pad for peace of mind at night.

      • Rotating lid directs the flash in a direction of your choice
      • Press anywhere on the lid to turn the receiver off once it has been activated
      • Phone input socket alerts you to phone calls without the need for a transmitter.


      Alarm clock receiver

      B1580 Alarm clock receiver

      The alarm clock receiver will get you out of bed with a flashing light, sound and vibration (when the vibrating pad is connected). It will also wake you when your doorbell, phone, baby monitor or smoke alarm are triggered.

      • Loud audible alarm of up to 100dB, bright flash and a powerful vibrating pad
      • Nine minute snooze that reduces to two minutes in two minute intervals on each press
      • Battery backup to maintain all settings and alarms in a power cut.


      All-in-one home alerting packages


      Care alert system

      B8039 Bellman Care Alert System

      This ready-to-use system helps you stay in touch with family and friends by alerting you to the phone and doorbell. A transmitter and receiver are included, and you can add extra Bellman Visit alerts or accessories.

      • Flash receiver connects wirelessly to the push button transmitter and doesn't need to be placed near your front door
      • Doorbell can also be used as a person-to-person alerter, perfect for a care environment
      • Phone cables are supplied to plug the flash receiver directly into your phone socket.


      Safe value alarm system

      A ready-to-use fire alarm system designed to immediately wake you up in the event of a fire. It combines three products in one: smoke detector, alarm clock and bed shaker.

      • Transmitter and receiver included, you can add extra Bellman Visit alerts or accessories
      • Alarm clock receiver has extra-loud 100dB audible alarm, bright flash and powerful vibrating pad
      • Audible alarm can also be played via a speaker in the vibrating pad to hear it through your pillow.


      Find out more

      For full details about the Bellman Visit paging system, visit our webshop or contact our expert Customer Services team who can advise on the best home alerting options for you, or a loved one:

      Telephone 03330 144 525
      Textphone 03330 144 530

      Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm.

      We’re the only UK charity with a full range of products for people living with deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus, so we’re the ideal source of impartial advice. And every purchase means that you’re helping fund research to cure hearing loss within a generation.

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