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      Find the perfect gift this Christmas - our top 21 gift ideas

      To help you find the perfect presents for friends and family with hearing loss, we’ve carefully selected our top 21 gifts. From vibrating alarm clocks and wireless headphones to amplified smartphones, our gift ideas will bring joy this festive season and all year long.

      By: Sally Bromham | 05 December 2018
      The Christmas countdown is on! There’s so much to look forward to – family celebrations, catching up with friends, listening to Christmas carols and watching festive TV shows. However, it can be a lonely time for people with deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss if it’s a struggle to join in.

      That’s why we’ve carefully selected our top 21 gifts. There’s something for all tastes, budgets and levels of hearing loss. Surprise your nearest and dearest with a thoughtful gift that will last long after the decorations come down.

      Give someone special a peaceful Christmas with a tinnitus relaxer. Make keeping in touch much easier over the festive season with an amplified phone. Avoid unnecessary trips to the audiologist with a hearing aid maintenance kit. Plus, there are dozens more gifts and gadgets in our website shop to ensure you and your loved ones have the best Christmas ever.

      Start ticking off your gift list now… Get inspired with our top 21 gifts and spread some joy this Christmas.

      Alarm and alert gifts

      Wake ‘n’ Shake Curve alarm clock

      Wake n shake curve

      There’s no chance of oversleeping this Christmas with the Wake ‘n’ Shake Curve alarm clock, thanks to its amplified ringer, flashing light and vibrating pad that pops under the pillow. Suitable for people with up to moderate hearing loss and heavy sleepers. Watch the video.

      • Loudness up to 90dB
      • Set snooze from five to 60 minutes
      • 12 and 24 hour display
      • USB port to charge your smartphone or other devices.



      YouSafe doorbell

      Never miss another visitor or delivery over the festive period with this easy-to-use doorbell. Not only does it flash, vibrate and ring loudly when someone’s at the door, it also displays ‘I’m on my way’, to let visitors know that someone is coming.

      • Loudness up to 78Db
      • Operating range up to 120m from doorbell push
      • Choice of 26 melodies
      • Batteries supplied.


      Sarabec Mona video baby monitor with vibrating pad

      Mona Baby monitor system

      The Mona video baby monitor is an ideal gift for parents who struggle to hear a standard baby alarm. They can keep an eye on a baby or child, from anywhere in the home. It offers peace of mind night and day.

      • Used with the vibrating pad,, it’s suitable for up to profound hearing loss
      • People with mild to moderate hearing loss have an extra-loud, flashing alarm
      • Intercom – hear and speak to your baby
      • Automatic snapshot takes pictures when sound activates the baby monitor.


      Listening devices gifts

      Bellman Maxi Pro Bluetooth personal amplifier and TV streamer

      Does a family member find conversations, phone calls, listening to music and watching TV struggle? If so, the Bellman Maxi Pro Bluetooth personal amplifier and TV streamer is a perfect present. It makes speech louder, clearer and easier to follow.

      • Built-in microphone
      • Volume and tone controls
      • Hearing aid-compatible
      • Operating time up to 70 hours.


      Phonak Roger Select wireless microphone

      If you, or a loved one, struggle to follow conversations, the Roger Select wireless microphone will put the joy into Christmas gatherings. Placed in the middle of a table, it automatically detects who’s talking, even over background noise. Use it with a hearing aid to follow conversations more easily. Watch the video.

      • Six microphones and 360° listening radius
      • Choose who you want to focus on when several people are talking
      • Clip the device to clothing or wear it around your neck
      • Bluetooth technology allows you to make wireless mobile calls.


      Geemarc iLoop+ amplified neckloop

      iLoop+ neckloop

      This hands-free neckloop is the perfect stocking filler. It connects to mobiles, smartphones, MP3 players and any audio device with a 3.5mm jacket socket, and amplifies the sound with adjustable volume control.

      • Hearing aid and cochlear implant-compatible
      • Automatically switches between mobile calls and music
      • Provides up to 30dB amplification.
      • Operating time up to five hours.


      Amplified phone gifts

      Doro 8040 smartphone

      Doro 8040

      The Doro 8040 is one of the simplest smartphones on the market, making it the perfect choice if you, or a loved one, are buying your first smartphone or upgrading from an older one this Christmas. Ideal for people with up to moderate hearing loss.

      • Maximum ringer volume 83dB
      • Increase handset volume up to 35dB
      • Hearing aid-compatible
      • SOS/Assistance button.


      Doro Magna 2005 cordless phone - ON SALE NOW

      Doro Magna 2005 additional handset 

      This exceptionally loud phone has an integrated answerphone and an easy-to-navigate menu. You can make or answer speakerphone calls from the base unit. It would make an ideal present for anyone with mild to severe hearing loss.

      • Maximum ringer volume 90dB
      • Increase handset volume up to 40dB
      • Hearing aid-compatible
      • Bass and treble control.


      Geemarc CL100 big button phone- ON SALE NOW

      CL100 Corded Phone

      With fantastic sound quality and big, bold buttons, this hearing-aid compatible corded phone is one of our most popular phones. It has an extra-loud ringer and flashing strobe light, to catch every call this Christmas. The adjustable volume and tone controls make conversations easy to hear. Suitable for up to moderate hearing loss.

      • Maximum ringer volume 85dB
      • Increase handset volume up to 30dB
      • Outgoing speech amplification
      • Powered by the telephone line (no need for mains plug).


      Headphones gifts

      Nuheara IQbuds wireless earbuds- ON SALE NOW

      Experience the future of hearing with IQbuds wireless earbuds. They enhance hearing in loud places, while drowning out background noise. An ideal gift for hearing people or those with mild hearing loss who love the latest technology.

      • Hear conversations, even in noisy places
      • Stay aware of your surroundings at all times
      • Move between your digital and physical worlds with a simple tap
      • Make phone calls on-the-go over Bluetooth from your iPhone or Android phone.


      OTOjOY LoopBuds hearing loop earphones

      Otojoy LoopBuds

      LoopBuds earphones offer the ultimate listening experience at concerts, gigs and festive events. In a hearing loop equipped venue, simply open the LoopBuds app* and receive crystal-clear sound directly into the ears. Please note: They cannot be used with hearing aids.

      *Only compatible with iPhones. An android version of the app is in development.

      • Listen to hearing loops in thousands of venues via a smartphone, without a hearing aid
      • Turn hearing loop speech into text via a speech-to-text app
      • Adjustable volume, balance and tone settings
      • Listen to music and make phone calls on the move.


      Geemarc CL7400BT Bluetooth cordless headphones

      M508 CL7400BT Bluetooth headphones

      These wireless Bluetooth headphones are perfect for listening to Christmas tunes or taking phone calls on the move. They have very loud amplification, with adjustable tone and balance controls. Suitable for people with up to severe hearing loss. Watch our video.

      • Adjustable volume (up to 125dB) with tone and balance control
      • Closed ear cups block out background noise and help prevent sound ‘leaking’ out
      • Bluetooth V4.0, for wireless music listening or phone calls
      • Compatible with non-Bluetooth devices using the 3.5mm jack lead supplied.


      Hearing protection gifts

      3M Peltor Little Prince and Little Princess ear defenders

      Little Princess Ear Defenders

      Protect your children's hearing this Christmas with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Made by 3M Peltor, the market leader in hearing protection, these comfortable headphones are specifically designed to protect younger wearers against dangerous noise levels. They reduce the volume by up to 27 decibels. Click here to read the blog post.

      • Available in red or blue
      • Adjustable headband to fit children of all ages
      • Comfortable ear cups fit over the ears, with foam padding for extra protection
      • Every purchase includes a £1 donation to help fund our vital work.


      EarPeace earplugs

      Protecting your hearing is essential because once damaged, it can’t be fixed. If you know someone who loves listening to music, EarPeace noise-cancelling earplugs will be a welcome gift. They protect the ears without distorting the sound. Plus, they’re reusable, comfortable and virtually invisible.

      • Prevents permanent hearing damage from loud noise exposure
      • Music quality remains optimal
      • Made from reusable, hypoallergenic silicone
      • Includes aluminium carry case and additional acoustic filters.


      Alpine SleepSoft night time earplugs- ON SALE NOW

      H106 SleepSoft night time ear plugs

      Treat yourself or someone else to a good night’s sleep this Christmas with SleepSoft earplugs. They’re great for absorbing background noise, including snoring, traffic and loud music, but important sounds like the alarm clock and doorbell can still be heard.

      • Absorb ambient noise and snoring
      • Easy to insert and remove, and comfortable to wear
      • Reusable more than 100 times
      • Silicone-free and hypoallergenic.


      Hearing aid accessory gifts

      Phonak hearing aid maintenance pack

      Hearing aid maintenance pack

      Taking good care of hearing aids means they’ll last longer – saving money and reducing the number of trips to the audiologist. Plus, with fewer blockages, the sound will stay loud and clear. This great-value pack is an ideal present for anyone with behind-the-ear aids.

      • Air blower to remove moisture from ear mould and tubing
      • Dehumidifier and drying capsules to prevent damaging moisture build-up
      • Precision brush, wire loop tool and vent cleaner to keep hearing aids clean and safe
      • Cleansing spray and wipes to avoid itchy ears by killing off bacteria.


      Amplicomms DB200+ hearing aid dryer

      DB200 plus hearing aid drying box open

      This hearing aid drying box is designed to remove moisture and condensation from hearing aids and cochlear implants. It provides a combination of gentle heat to dry excess moisture and UV light to help reduce bacterial growth. Give a practical gift to a loved one who uses hearing aids.

      • Three settings: low humidity (two hours), normal humidity (four hours), high humidity (eight hours)
      • Four UV lights remove 99.9% of bacteria
      • Environmentally friendly – no need for chemicals
      • Built-in hearing aid battery tester.


      Phonak hearing aid air blower

      H125 Hearing aid air blower

      There’s always room for another stocking filler. This great-value air blower (often called a puffer) is perfect for removing moisture from the earmould and tubing of hearing aids. It helps prevent blockages which may affect sound quality.


      Tinnitus relief gifts

      Headwaters S680-02 tinnitus sound therapy system

      Tinnitus relaxer

      If tinnitus is affecting you, or a loved one, then sound therapy would bring peace and joy this Christmas. The S680 tinnitus relaxer provides a welcome distraction and relieves the symptoms of tinnitus. It has 24 pre-loaded sounds (including woodland, ocean and white noise), or there’s the option to have a customised mix sent by post.

      • Higher-quality sound than a CD
      • 24 soothing sounds
      • Create a customised mix
      • Timer options: 30, 60, 90 minutes and continuous play.


      BST-100 Bluetooth sound speaker

      L463 SleepPhones (black)

      This portable and rechargeable sound speaker helps to relieve the symptoms of tinnitus and reduce the stress which can make it worse. The BST-100 has 10 non-looping sounds, or stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Give someone you love a peaceful Christmas.

      • 10 non-looping sounds
      • Stream music from your Bluetooth device
      • Operating range up to 10m
      • Headphone connection for headphones or pillow speakers.


      Sound Oasis PA-200 amplified stereo pillow speakers

      Many people with tinnitus have difficulty getting to sleep at night. These ultra-thin, under-pillow speakers, with built-in amplification, are an excellent way to drift off to sleep, without disturbing anyone else. Spread some Christmas joy with this thoughtful stocking filler.

      • High-quality stereo sound
      • Use with a tinnitus relaxer, MP3 player, radio, smartphone or any device that has a standard 3.5mm jack headphone socket
      • Extra-long 1.5m lead
      • Powered by the device that the speakers are connected to.


      Find out more

      For full details about any of our gift products, click on the ‘More Information’ button underneath each description above. Or, contact our expert Customer Services team who can advise on the most suitable present for you or a loved one:

      Telephone 03330 144 525
      Textphone 03330 144 530


      Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm.

      We’re the only UK charity with a full range of products for people living with deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus, so we’re the ideal source of impartial advice. And every purchase means that you’re helping fund research to cure hearing loss within a generation.

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