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      I definitely can!

      For this year's Deaf Awareness Week, we feature four inspirational stories of people who refuse to let their hearing loss and deafness get in the way of the things they love. From running the marathon to embracing hearing aids to getting a Master's Degree, they all 'definitely can.' Here are their stories. 

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      Catherine's story

      Catherine, 51, a swimming teacher and mum-of-two from London, lost her hearing in her left ear as a teenager. But, says Catherine, her deafness is part of who she is.

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      Lorenzo's story

      Lorenzo, 33, is a marketing manager from Guernsey. Severely deaf since birth, he refused to wear hearing aids in public as a teenager, but now wouldn’t be without them.

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      Andy's story

      Andy, 74, from Northumberland, was forced to take early retirement as a teacher due to genetic hearing loss. But he doesn’t let his hearing loss get in the way of anything he loves to do.

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      Donna's story

      Donna, 50, from London, is studying for her Master’s in Public Health. She’s also profoundly Deaf. Donna says that with the right support, anything is possible – and she’s proof of that.

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      We're really proud of everyone who's a part of Action on Hearing Loss, and hope you'll feel inspired to become a part of our community.​

      We campaign for changes that make life better for people who are confronting deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss.

      Our ears are our organs of hearing and balance. They have three parts: the outer, middle and inner ear.