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      Just diagnosed with tinnitus

      If you've just been diagnosed with tinnitus, you're probably wondering what happens next and how you are going to manage your condition.

      What happens next?

      If the audiologist or ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist can't find a temporary cause for your tinnitus, they may refer you to a tinnitus clinic where you'll be given information, advice and therapies to help you. At the clinic, your tinnitus specialist will agree a tinnitus management strategy with you to help you habituate your tinnitus. This means training your brain to filter out tinnitus, so that it doesn't have a negative impact on your life.

      Planning how to manage your tinnitus

      Your strategy may include identifying whether hearing aids could help you, or hearing aids that contain a sound generator know as combination devices. You may also be given information about the different types of products and technology that can help you to live well with your condition plus ways to reduce and anxiety.

      Support for you

      When you get your diagnosis, try to see it as the first step to getting the help you need. For support and information directly from other people who have tinnitus, you can use our interactive In Your Area map to find a local support group . Or you can connect online with an active and helpful group of people through our online Tinnitus forum.