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      Video interpreting

      If you're sometimes called to last minute and urgent meetings, video interpreting can solve the problem of getting a British Sign Language interpreter at short notice.

      What is video interpreting?

      Video interpreting is a remote sign language interpreting service via a videophone or other device. It's usually available at short notice for assignments lasting up to 30 minutes. It's a low cost service and, because it's usually quick to book, it means you can participate in last-minute and urgent meetings.

      What equipment do you need?

      You can use the service if you have a computer or tablet with a webcam and a reliable internet connection, or a videophone.

      When to use video interpreting?

      Although most interpreting is done face to face, some organisations now offer video interpreting to try to solve the problem of getting an interpreter at short notice, or for brief appointments. But it's only suitable for short, one-to-one assignments, usually between 10 and 30 minutes long.


      As with face-to-face interpreting, your confidentiality should be assured. But a videophone is not suitable for assignments of a sensitive nature. To find out more and book video interpreting visit Communication support