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      Communicate well

      If you have hearing loss, you may sometimes find communicating more of a challenge. Our research shows that hearing loss can make some people who are affected feel distanced from their friends and family. Some may also struggle to interact with colleagues, health professionals or when they try to access services.

      In this section, we look at ways to communicate well. You can find out how deaf aware you are and pick up some simple tips for communicating better, whether you have hearing loss yourself, or are hearing and want to communicate with someone who has hearing problems.

      You can also find out about different ways to communicate and communication in the workplace.

      We provide excellent communication support tailored to your communication needs.

      You're not alone if you sometimes find communication frustrating or stressful because of your hearing loss. But there are a number of simple things you can do to make it easier.

      Find out more about British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters and other forms of communication support as well as how you can help to improve communication in the workplace.