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      Accessibility guidance

      Hearing loss shouldn't stop you from living the life you choose. That includes finding a fulfilling job and achieving your potential at work. Similarly, there should be no barriers to prevent you from getting the best from health services, or to stop you from enjoying TV, film and the arts.

      In this section, we look at what Jobcentre Plus can do to help you find a job and, when you're in work, what sort of support you can expect from your employer. We explain your rights when you use health services. And we also look at what you should expect when you go to the cinema, cafés, pubs and restaurants,or when you watch TV, or visit museums and galleries.

      Assistive devices in a work place setting

      Speak Easy report

      A comprehensive report calling on restaurants, cafés and pubs to reduce background noise.

      You're not alone if you have hearing loss and you're unemployed. But help is available. Jobcentre Plus can help you to find work, and provide information about training so you have a better chance of finding a fulfilling job.

      If you're struggling at work because of your hearing loss there is support available to help you so you can achieve your potential - and it's your right to have it.

      If you, or someone close to you, needs residential care, you may be wondering how to choose a suitable care home where staff are deaf aware, and what your rights are if you're unhappy with the care.

      Hearing loss, deafness and tinnitus shouldn't be a barrier to you accessing healthcare and getting the help you need.

      Having hearing loss shouldn't stop you from going to the cinema. There are more subtitled screenings than ever before, plus there's equipment available to help you enjoy the films you choose.

      Hearing loss shouldn't be a barrier to you enjoying eating and drinking out in cafés, pubs and restaurants.

      Hearing loss shouldn't stop you from enjoying a night in watching television or joining in when your family or friends are talking about the latest 'must-see' show.

      With equipment to help and accessible events, hearing loss shouldn't prevent you from making the most of a visit to a museum or gallery.

      When you make a complaint, you encourage healthcare providers, service providers and broadcasters to improve their services for people with hearing loss.