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Are Mum and Dad missing out?

Find out what to do if you’re concerned about a loved one’s hearing.

Do you miss having conversations with a family member?

You may have noticed Mum asking you to repeat things, Dad turning the TV up too loud or your partner not hearing the phone. Is Granddad zoning out when you’re in a large group, or is communicating with Grandma getting more difficult?

This isn’t unusual. A lot of people lose their hearing gradually as they get older.

What does hearing loss sound like?

YFather and son on a day outou might find it hard to empathise with your relative when they can’t hear you properly. Listen to our hearing loss simulations to find out how they now experience sounds.

Download a Quicktime player. Find out more about our hearing loss simulations.

Get the facts - Find out more about age-related hearing loss.




















Hearing loss can split up a family

Is hearing loss affecting your family - family member in picture frameThe person with hearing loss will be feeling frustrated too. They realise they are missing out on special moments and becoming increasingly isolated. They might also feel ashamed of their hearing loss. This can make relationships difficult.

If you have a family member with hearing loss it’s best to encourage them to do something now if you can. Leaving hearing loss unaddressed can lead to more problems in the future.

You’re in a unique place to help

Research shows friends and family can be instrumental in encouraging loved ones to do something about their hearing loss. You may be able to convince them to visit their GP, or talk to them about getting hearing aids.

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