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      Technology Initiative for Hearing Loss

      Technology plays a vital role in helping people with hearing loss lead the life they choose. This encompasses enabling them to access services and communicate in the workplace, to socialising with friends and family.

      If you use the right hearing technology, you can remain connected to the world, to people and to opportunities.

      Our Technology Initiative for Hearing Loss supports the innovation, development and take up of technology, to help people confront deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss.

      People who are deaf or have hearing loss often face huge barriers, and on a daily basis. This includes inadequate visual information, mainstream products without simple but essential features – and an ever-noisier world, where it's getting even harder to hear, and low deaf awareness.

      People with tinnitus face another set of challenges. Incredibly, the number of tinnitus specialists is shrinking and people don't know about or understand tinnitus management.

      These delays can result in your symptoms getting worse, and have an impact on your general health and well being.

      More than ever, we need to be more aware of, and more open to, well-designed and effective assistive devices to help people manage their tinnitus.

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