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      Support for veterans

      Are you an older veteran living with hearing loss or tinnitus? We can offer practical support and information to help.

      Our Aged Veterans project offers information and support to older veterans with hearing loss or tinnitus, and their families and carers, across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

      The project focuses on supporting veterans born before 1 January 1950, but we will assist all veterans who contact us.

      Our aim is to help older veterans with hearing difficulties access local support services and, as a result, feel better able to connect with their families, friends and communities.

      What we offer

      We provide information and support to older veterans in local community settings or through home visits for those who are unable to travel.

      We offer:

      • basic hearing screenings
      • information about assistive equipment
      • support to help you access NHS services
      • information on benefits
      • information about local community groups
      • other complementary information and support.

      We also provide support to the families and carers of older veterans with hearing loss or tinnitus, and work with community groups to enable them to be more inclusive of veterans with hearing loss.

      Our Aged Veterans project is funded by the Chancellor, using LIBOR Funds, and runs until 2020. We aim to have a lasting impact on the services that support veterans to manage their hearing loss or tinnitus.

      Why we support veterans with hearing loss

      Hearing loss is a common health issue in the armed forces. Many veterans were repeatedly exposed to loud noise from small arms fire, artillery, engines and other machinery, and explosions, during service, which caused permanent hearing damage.

      The 2014 Lost Voices report, produced by the Royal British Legion with our support, found that veterans under the age of 75 are around three and a half times more likely to experience hearing loss than the general population.

      Get in touch

      To find out more about how our Aged Veterans project can support you, please contact the project worker in your area:

      Northern Ireland

      Mark Ewing
      Telephone: 028 9555 4125
      Twitter: @hearinglossNI

      Aged Veterans Leaflet for Northern Ireland

      North Wales

      Nicky Darton
      Telephone 01492 532 066
      Twitter: @hearinglosscym

      Aged Veterans Leaflet for South and North Wales

      South Wales

      Charis Moon
      Telephone: 02920 333 034
      Twitter: @hearinglosscym

      London and the South East

      Sukhbir Bains
      Mobile: 07391016893 (SMS only)

      Central Region (The Midlands)

      Deborah Hill
      Mobile: 07939169157

      Northern England

      Helen Williams
      Mobile: 07741078068

      South West England

      Kim Harbut
      Mobile: 07769976266 (SMS only)

      North West England

      Greer Shepherd
      Mobile: 07917568963

      Aged Veterans Leaflet for All England


      Action on Hearing Loss also provides support for older veterans in Scotland

      Find out more

      Northern Ireland

      Action on Hearing Loss also provides support for older veterans in Northern Ireland

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