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      Hear to meet - Freshwater

      01983 529533

      Freshwater Methodist Church, Brookside Road, Freshwater PO40 9ER

      Want to meet others with hearing loss in Freshwater to share experiences and have some fun? Join your local Hear to Meet group!

      Not everyone realises the impact that losing your hearing can have on your social life. How simple pleasures, like going out for dinner or catching up with friends, become so much harder to enjoy when you can’t follow conversations because of background noise, or too many people talking at once. It can be exhausting.

      At our social meet-ups, everyone understands, because they have hearing loss themselves or are close to someone who does. You get to meet and share experiences and tips with people in the same situation – and have some fun!

      Our regular meet-ups are arranged by our fantastic volunteers and shaped by you: one week it could be a natter over coffee and cake, the next it could be a quiz or even a trip down the canal on a barge!

      Whatever we do, one thing is certain: your hearing loss won’t stop you from joining in the conversation.

      Join us at Freshwater Methodist Church in Freshwater


      What’s happening


      Second Thursday of every month

      Get together and discussions. 

      2pm– 4pm


      For more information, please contact:

      Ruanne Mellar 01983 529533 or email

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