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      How does Online Today help people?

      Read what some of the people we have helped through Online Today have to say

      Margaret McNeill, Northern Ireland

      I'm a cochlear implant and hearing aid user and I also have tinnitus. The tinnitus sometimes keeps me up all night and I need a distraction to keep it at bay.

      I decided to go to an Online Today session to learn how to use the laptop I bought three years ago. Briege showed me how to search the internet, create a Facebook account, an email account and I can now email my sister in Canada, which I'm thrilled about.

      I've found learning all these new things to be a sort of therapy because it's taken my mind off the tinnitus.

      Matthew Burr, Wales

      I was referred to Online Today from the Employment Service at Action on Hearing Loss, in order to pick up some digital skills that might help in my search for employment.

      With very little knowledge of the internet, and having been scared off due to previous security issues, I was quite apprehensive about using email, form filling and internet searches.

      Online Today showed me how to decipher spam from genuine emails and I was successful in setting up a Government Gateway User ID in order to make the most of the Universal Jobmatch.

      I've found it really helpful to learn these skills to aid me in a job search. I’m now in contact with my Online Today teacher on e-mail and feel more confident with the digital world.

      You're not alone if you have hearing loss and you're unemployed. But help is available. Jobcentre Plus can help you to find work, and provide information about training so you have a better chance of finding a fulfilling job.