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      What is Online Today?

      Anyone who wants to learn something new about digital technology and getting online can attend one of our informal, friendly, training sessions.

      Taster sessions

      These are group sessions for people who are curious about what it means to be online. In these sessions, we aim to find out what each individual learner wants to do. We cover things such as:

      • explaining what different devices there are – tablet, Kindle, iPad, Android, laptop
      • a guided tour of an iPad
      • explaining how to browse the internet

      Follow-up sessions

      In the follow-up sessions, we tailor the training to the needs of the group. Typical topics in these sessions include:

      • connecting to WiFi
      • how to create and use an email account
      • create a Facebook account and link with friends and family
      • online shopping
      • create and manage online photo albums

      One to one sessions

      These sessions are available for individual queries that would be more difficult to address in a group setting. One to one sessions are delivered in an informal setting, which makes it easier for people with severe hearing loss. The session will usually last for two hours with follow-up training, if required.


      Please contact us to register for one of our free sessions and give it a go!

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